How To Correct Water Dehydration Naturally

Water Hydration SOlutions

How to correct water dehydration naturally with a few simple things you can do to restore normal hydration in the body

Of course drinking water helps but when you learn how to consume good quality water throughout the day, body hydration will begin to slowly return to normal.

Article: Water Dehydration Symptoms including cloudy urine, strong smell or burning ...

Do hydrate with good quality, clean water

  • Water comes in many forms but the best water you can consume for your body is reverse osmosis which is available in water Store s for a very modest cost.  Second might be distilled followed by spring water.   Note that spring water is typically filtered tap water.
  • In most towns and cities, water from the tap smells due to the chemical treatments and while city safety statements suggest no harm, who want to drink water that smells bad!  A good quality filtering system is recommended.
  • Drinking water at room temperature is body friendly!

Step 1)  Easy Tip for cloudy urine, burning or strong smell:

If you do experience cloudy urine, urinary burning and/or a strong smell the low/no cost approach is to consider how many glasses of clean water you are drinking because for most people, it's usually not enough.  Remember, the last sensation of a dehydrated body is thirst!

Note that it takes time for your cells to become rehydrated so give it time. 

For this reason, you should slowly increase by one glass per day, per week ,until you achieve your ideal amount using the following as a guide to spread consumption across the day.  If you are in the lower weight range, use smaller serving sizes to ensure your hydration is evenly distributed:

Drink Clean Water
  • Have a glass first thing in the morning, even before coffee
  • Have a glass 1/2 hour before every meal, mid morning, afternoon and evening
  • Do NOT drink water during meal time as it dilutes your digestive juices and enzymes and impairs digestion
  • Have a glass just before bedtime

Regular water intake helps your body function better, raises the metabolism, enhances the absorption of nutrients from your foods and is exceptionally good for those watching their weight.  In fact, a well hydrated body is more resistant to disease and premature aging.

In many cases you'll resolve the cloudy urine and strong smell and notice your complexion improves, weight stabilizes and your thinking become clearer as your system becomes more efficient at flushing out toxins.

Step 2) Cleanse and detoxify your body safely and gently

You can help this cleansing process by completing a 10 day herbal cleanse which will noticeably improve your feeling of energy, alertness and general wellness as your body functions improve.

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You now have the simple basics of averting dehydration and know early symptoms of inadequate hydration can be cloudy urine, burning,  a strong smell and/or dark color! 

Before you do anything, the bottom line is don't wait for the feeling of thirst, reach for a glass of water frequently throughout the day.  If you are experiencing more pronounced conditions and would like to address them naturally, ask us for help in choosing the right solution.

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