HRP-C Chinese Herbal Supplement (100)

Supports the immune system as it fights off biological stressors, nourishes the liver and promotes a healthy respiratory tract. Constitution: enhances metal

HRP-C Chinese Herbal Supplement (100)
HRP-C Chinese Herbal Supplement (100)
Chinese Herbal Supplement Targets: Immune System, Constitution: Enhances metal.

Chinese herbalists would describe this popular combination as a metal-enhancing formula. Nutritionally it supports the immune system.

Label Description:
Herbal Combination

Recommended Usage:
Take four capsules with a meal two to four times daily.

Each gelatin capsule (gelatin, water) contains 400 mg of the finest dandelion root, purslane herb, indigo herb and root, thlaspi herb, bupleurum root, scute root, Typhonium rhizome, Panax ginseng root, cinnamon twig, and licorice root.
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