Saw Palmetto Herbal Supplement (100)

Today the herbal supplement saw palmetto is used to shrink an enlarged prostate gland in men.

Saw Palmetto Herbal Supplement (100)
Saw Palmetto Herbal Supplement (100)
Men's Nutritional Health Supplement
Glandular System
Classification: Aromatic herb

Even though saw palmetto is best known these days for its ability to shrink an enlarged prostate gland in men, a century ago, this same herb was best known as a folk approach to breast enlargement. Some naturopath physicians and herbalists still continue to recommend it for this purpose.

A member of the palm family and native to the coastal areas of Florida and Texas, saw palmetto was an important food source for Indians. They used the plant’s ground-up seeds as food and believed that the fruits had special health benefits.

The plant’s fanlike branches were used as brooms by early English settlers, and, in modern times, saw palmetto is sometimes used for garden cover. In herbology, it is used primarily to support glandular tissues and balance the hormones.

Label Description:
Powdered Herb

Recommended Usage:
Take two capsules with a meal two or three times daily.

Each gelatin capsule (kosher gelatin, water) contains 550 mg of the finest saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) berry.
Cost: $25.43

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