Silver Guard Liq (118 ml) Natural Antibiotic

Silver Guard is a herbal antibiotic remedy that is safe for internal consumption and may reduce the length & severity of bacterial infections

Silver Guard Liq (118 ml) Natural Antibiotic
Silver Guard Liq (118 ml) Natural Antibiotic
Silver Guard (Shield) Aqua Sol Natural Antibiotic Liquid Small Format (118 ml)
Herbal Antibiotic, Herbal Remedy, Medicine

With the increase in both antibioticresistant germs and infectious diseases posing a threat of epidemic proportions in North America, Silver Guard may become the
only disinfecting solution capable of reducing the length and severity of virtually any type of bacterial infection.

Silver Guard is being heralded as the most powerful, virtually nontoxic, natural disinfecting antiobiotic available.

Provides powerful support to the immune system. Helps destroy numerous pathogens including bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi including yeast. 

Helps alleviate inflammation (ears, eyes, nose, and throat). 

Silver has traditionally been used for acne, ear infections, eczema, herpes, shingles, sinus infections, colds, flu, measles, epilepsy, tonsillitis, tetanus, rheumatism and wounds.

Simply the best you can buy at any price.

Label Description:
Silver Guard Liquid

Recommended Usage:
Silver is a potent natural antibiotic. Take Silver Guard to help fight off any bacterial infection.

Medicinal Ingredients: Each teaspoon (5 mL) provides 90 mcg of pure silver in colloidal form.
Non-medicinal ingredients: deionized water

Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your health care practitioner prior to taking this product if you are taking thyroid medication or any other antiobiotics.
Do not discontinue use of any prescription medication without your doctor’s knowledge.
Silver Shield has been renamed Silver Guard, ingredients remain unchanged
Cost: $37.71

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