Garlic High Potency Herbal Supplement (60)

This garlic supplement is the finest, most potent garlic on the market. Special coating controls odor till digested

Garlic High Potency Herbal Supplement (60)
Garlic High Potency Herbal Supplement (60)
Herbal Food Supplement
Circulatory, Immune System

Garlic High Potgency

SynerPro High-Potency Garlic contains the dietary virtues of garlic, which are well known the world over. Garlic has served man from the earliest times. The only problem with getting garlic into the diet has always been the distinct odor it leaves on the breath.

Recent technological breakthroughs have made it possible to manufacture odorless garlic. The question is, does it retain the potency of fresh garlic? Studies have shown that it doesn’t.

Nature’s Sunshine offers you the finest and most potent garlic on the market today with a special coating that controls the garlic’s odor. When broken open, these tablets have a strong garlic odor—unlike other “odorless” garlic products. Trade-secret processing and careful preparation of each tablet give NSP’s high-potency garlic a special locked-in freshness coating that contains chlorophyll, which controls odor while assuring a long, effective shelf-life.

Because the tablet does not break down for absorption until it reaches the small intestine, you receive the full nutritional value of garlic without the undesirable taste. Moreover, comparing total allicin potential (TAP) with other leading brands, Nature’s Sunshine leads the pack. Grown in Xinjiang, China, and watered by pure subterranean canals from the snow-capped Tian Shan mountains, Nature’s Sunshine’s garlic is valued above all others for its great potency and superb quality.

One 400 mg tablet equals 1,200 mg of fresh garlic, roughly equal to one clove.

Label Description:
SynerPro®Odour-controlled Herbal Food Supplement
Recommended Usage:
Recommendation: Take one tablet with a meal once or twice daily.
Each tablet contains 400 mg of standardized and stabilized high potency garlic with the specially form-u-lated SynerPro Concentrate (broccoli, carrot, red beet, rosemary, tomato, turmeric, cabbage, Chinese cab-bage, grapefruit and orange bioflavonoids, and hesperidin).

Contains no starch, yeast, sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.

The 400 mg of garlic in this product is equal to 1200 mg of fresh garlic. 1,000 mg fresh garlic = 1 clove.

Miscellaneous Information:
This is not a so-called “odourless garlic” from which the special ingredients have been removed or altered. The pure garlic has been specially processed so that the total allicin-alliin potential, the most advanced measure of garlic’s true potency, is far greater than other types of garlic products. SynerPro High Potency Garlic has a unique “locked in freshness” coating containing chlorophyll which helps reduce belching or garlicky breath.

Cost: $38.87

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