HS-C Chinese Herbal Supplement (100)

Chinese herbal supplement for the circulatory system, according to Chinese tradition this is a nerve & heart tonic. Constitution: Nourishes fire

HS-C Chinese Herbal Supplement (100)
HS-C Chinese Herbal Supplement (100)
Chinese Herbal Supplement
Targets: Circulatory System,
Constitution: Nourishes fire.

According to Chinese tradition this is a nerve and heart tonic.

Label Description:
Herbal Combination

Recommended Usage:
Take three capsules with a meal three times daily.

Each gelatin capsule (gelatin, water) contains 520 mg of the finest schizandra fruit, dang gui root, cistanche herb, biota seed, succinum, ophiopogon root, cuscuta seed, lycium fruit, Panax ginseng root, polygonum rhizome, hoelen plant, dioscorea root, astragalus root, lotus seed, polygala root, acorus rhizome, zizyphus seed, and rehmannia root.

CAUTION: Do not consume Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis) during pregnancy or while nursing.

Miscellaneous Information:
YANG XIN (Nourish Fire)
Cost: $32.11

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