Zinc Mineral Supplement Tablets (150)

Zinc is involved in hundreds of important functions in the body, including sugar metabolism, DNA formation, protein metabolism & energy production.

Zinc Mineral Supplement Tablets (150)
Zinc Mineral Supplement Tablets (150)
Mineral Supplement
Immune System #1657-9(150)

A rare trace mineral, zinc has been found to be extremely important for maintaining overall health. More zinc is found in the body than any other trace mineral with the exception of iron.

Relatively large amounts are found in bone and muscle and in the prostate and retina. It is involved in sugar metabolism and the mineral seems to be easily lost from the system.

Pregnant and nursing women require more than other women. Sucking on a zinc tablet is effective in fighting a sore throat.

Label Description:
Zinc Gluconate Tablets
DIN 00593664

Recommended Usage:
Recommendation: Take one tablet daily with a meal. For therapeutic and adult use only.

Each tablet supplies 25 mg of zinc, derived from zinc gluconate, an excellent source of zinc which is easy to digest and absorb. The tablet’s base consists of non-medicinal ingredients: kelp plant, thyme herb, and alfalfa herb.
Cost: $18.49
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