Reflexology Certification Program

Reflexology Certification - Ingham Method (International Institute of Reflexology) Program now in Ontario: Call for details

Reflexology Certification Program
Reflexology Certification Program
Reflexology Certification Program Canada

Pre-requisite: Reflexology Training Course - Level I

Reflexology Training & Certification Program by the International Institute of Reflexology® with its 70 years of experience is now available in the Toronto GTA (Ontario) area lead by Certified Reflexology Instructor Diane McLaren.

Today Reflexology has evolved to become an exciting natural healing and wellness alternative thanks in large part to the pioneering work of Eunice D. Ingham, a Physical Therapist whose widely regarded techniques this program trains its students on. 

This is NOT foot massage reflexology!

No one can top the depth of research, knowledge and experience found within the Ingham Method® of Reflexology. Through progressive workshops students review and learn the origins of reflexology to the modern standards through the  Ingham / Byers works, videos, anatomy and reflexology guides to formulate a practical understanding of the theory and add practical applications to master the skills and techniques.  

Level 1 - Introduction to Reflexology 
Level 2 - Reflexology Techniques
Level 3 - Reflexology Proficiency
Level 3a - Applied Case Documentation
Level 4 - Reflexology Examination
To qualify for International Reflexologist Certification, completion of the program must be within 24 months of completing Level 1. 

A 2-day preficiency refresher is required every 2 years to maintain certification, and update skills.

Note: We publish only Level I & II class dates in our online course calendar ...

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