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Welcome and thank you for allowing me to share my passion, training and experience in nutrition, natural healing, holistic health and wellness with you.

I extend my warmest season's greetings to you and those close to you with sincere wishes for your safety, happiness and good health. 

This month, find simple tips on making the most of the season, enjoying treats without guilt, avoiding the extra pounds and more.

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Recent issues:

Surviving The Holidays ... Joy Without Guilt

The office party, family and friend gatherings, big dinners, new years celebrations!  It's a great time of year and you want to do it all!

OK, you know the holiday season can be a challenge.  Visits with family, friends, the parties, the big meals, the shopping and a seemly endless array of treats that can challenge your best intentions wherever you go.

Why do people tend to over-indulge

  • It is the Holidays!
  • All or nothing mentality!
  • Being unprepared, no personal food plan!
  • Simply don't know how it can be done!
  • Believe it is just too difficult!
  • Don't want to be an outcast, different!
  • Believe it's just the way to enjoy life and have fun!
  • Too little time & too much to do …


Follow these 10 simple tips for surviving the holidays intact and you'll still get to enjoy all the treats and not only feel better at the end of each day, you'll arrive in the new year with fewer extra pounds ... naturally.

So go ahead, enjoy all the season has to offer ...

(Just ensure moderation must be part of your mindset!)

10 tips to help you not only survive but really enjoy the holiday season this year, and every year!

  1. Make sure you have water and ideally chlorophyll spiked water with you at all times; when shopping, doing errand's, etc.  It helps hydrate and regulates blood sugar.
  2. Bring your own snacks when shopping and running around – (favorite fresh fruits and raw nuts & seeds) so it is easier to avoid the fast-food alternatives.
  3. Do not skip a meal and that includes a wholesome breakfast - 365 days/year.
  4. Never arrive at a party hungry and you'll never over-indulge.
  5. Use a smaller plate or take smaller servings when you are at a party or function then eat very slowly allowing at least 5 minutes between each serving.
  6. Start with the vegetables and salads and fill your plate with generous portions of these, then sample the other cooked/baked foods and sample a few choice deserts.
  7. Food combining is one of the greatest secrets of balancing your metabolism and weight …  choose vegetables and meat/protein  or choose vegetables and starches (bread, pasta, rice) e.g. avoid starch & meat/protein combinations.
  8. Choose the “little evils” you will have with your meal … Is it bread? Is it sweet? Is it alcohol? Be reasonable!
  9. Remember you do not have to finish your plate, sampling is the way to go!
  10. Have a plan, stick to it and you will feel much better – in fact you will be very proud of yourself, enjoy better energy and feel great!


Could you do more?  Of course, but then again, tis season to rejoice and be merry so Happy Holidays, be safe and enjoy!

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