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Living In Integrity, Health And Abundance Series, Part 4

  1. The Top Reason People Don’t Succeed
  2. Avoid Sabotaging Your Chances Of Success
  3. How To Get Better Results With Less Effort
  4. Learn How You Can Defeat Pessimism (this month)


Learn How You Can Defeat Pessimism

If you have been following along with this series since the beginning, at this point you may be feeling some degree of pessimism because it too is a very common emotion.

You may be thinking that this is all too much, that you could not possibly build all these ideas into a plan that would work for you.  After all, the glass is always half empty!

The truth is, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

If you really do want to move forward and begin getting real results (in your health, business, relationships, etc.), you will need a way to overcome any lingering pessimism.

Here are three basic steps to changing pessimistic behavior…


Step #1:  Become Aware Of Your Thoughts And Opinions

While it will not happen overnight, you must try to focus on being aware of your thoughts and actions, those situations that are not supportive of your goals and objectives.

As each day unfolds, be aware of what you are thinking, what your opinions about yourself and the world around you are.  How do you think about and describe what is happening to you and the things you are doing in response to your environment?

Before you can change anything you have to become aware of how you perceive and react.  Once you practice this on a daily basis for some time you will begin to recognize patterns of thought and response and notice times when you are negative vs. positive. 

Be patient and work on becoming aware of how you think about and react to events because it is the first step to meaningful change.


Step #2:  Understand Where It Comes From

Negative or pessimistic thoughts are protective mechanisms people use to shield themselves and their feelings. 

If you were to set your sights very low, your expectations would be low then if you did fail to achieve them, you could say “see, I knew it would not work”!  While it is true your degree of disappointment may be minimized, any successes will be equally small.

Pessimism is also a protective shield to guard against a fear of the future or fears relating to the inherent risks of being successful.  By containing your potential exposure to those fears, you mitigate the degree of disappoint at the cost of achieving significant success.

Because by nature pessimism tends to result in a withdrawal from that which is unknown, it is a strategy that essentially does not work because it consistently under delivers.  It can not deliver the things you say you really want in your life.

Why not?

Well to begin with, few people are attracted to people with negative attitudes which is a big problem when you consider that people are essential to your success.  It takes people to build a business, people to develop projects, people to solve problems and of course your family and friends are people too so you wouldn’t want to alienate them.

Pessimism also depresses your self esteem to the point where you don’t even like who you’ve become which also tends to feed upon itself.

Finally, this negative energy flows into all your actions.  The next time you are confronted with a situation to which you would ordinarily react negatively, it would be better to say nothing than say something negative.

Stop delivering negatives by learning to catch yourself when it is happening, in thought or action, then replace it with something, anything positive.


Step #3:  Get It Right

I have attended numerous training events over the past few years that have focused on developing a thinking pattern of optimism.  One very simple yet highly effective method is the use of a thick elastic rubber band that you place on your wrist.

  • Every time a negative thought enters your mind and you become aware of it, snap the rubber band against your skin and thereby shock yourself out of the thought
  • Replace that negative thought with something positive.
  • Repeat as required

Following this 3 step process you will in time be able to actively monitor your thinking and modify your behavior.  While the rubber band may sound simple, even silly, it might be all you need to develop a more positive frame of thinking.



Achieving optimum health in your life requires a similar approach, a system that identifies what needs to be addressed and how. As your holistic practitioner and wellness coach, I can help you to overcome health challenges and obstacles by providing a framework that helps you attain your personal health and wellness goals.

Next month I will be completing this series on developing a positive mental attitude by wrapping up the lessons into a unified approach that will help you make 2009 the absolute best year ever.  I will also be sharing some great nutritional tips on how to deal with the excesses of the holiday season.

 I hope you will be able to join me Nov 5 for the teleseminar "Call On Wellness". 

Healthy regards,

 Healthy regards, Diane


A Wellness Coach Can Help You To Turbo Charge Your Health

If you're considering alternative health solutions and want to work with a holistic health practitioner and wellness coach you can depend on to act in your best interests, give Diane a call.  She can help you develop a solid no nonsense plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Education is part of all her personalized one-on-one health counselling and wellness programs so you not only get effective natural solutions to address your concerns and objectives, you gain invaluable life-skills that will positively influence your long-term health and well-being.

Regardless of where you start on your journey to better health, Diane will share her skilled advice, knowledge and inspired guidance and provide the motivation so you can naturally achieve better results faster.

Schedule an appointment, identify the strengths and weaknesses in your body systems, clarify your goals and get a personalized wellness plan with an achievable timeline in place that can successfully take you from where you are today, to where you want to be.

"You are invited to discover just how effective and rewarding a natural approach to health can be."

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