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This month's topic is a difficult one that impacts many people directly or indirectly, including within my family, and I'm frequently asked about it in my practiceI know it's a bit long, but Natural Cancer Prevention and Therapy deserves attention.
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Are There Any Main Causes Of Cancer?

Hope In Understanding Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today Begins With Getting an Understanding of What Causes Cancer and What Your Cancer Risks Might Be

Cancer is a difficult topic few people want to hear about and fewer still want to talk about, yet most know a loved one that has had to face the disease

  • Fact 1: 1 in 4 deaths are linked to cancer
  • Fact 2: Cancer statistics confirm it is most prevalent in ages over 50 (~89%)

What is cancer

The word cancer is one of the most dreaded and feared words in our vocabulary. It brings to mind images of suffering, misery and while cancer statistics indicate a slight drop in overall mortality rates, the incidence of cancer is on the rise.

In simple terms, cancer is a disease involving cells that have undergone genetic mutation is such a way as they no longer respond to the body’s internal messages that regulate metabolism and growth. Mutant (cancer) cells divide and grow without control or order to form a mass of tissue, called a growth or tumor.

Today it is widely believed that the cell mutations are caused by massive and continual free radical bombardment and a weakened immune system, typically over extended periods. This constant action affects the integrity of the normally aerobic cells turning them into anaerobic cells.

Aerobic cells produce energy from oxygen while anaerobic cells produce energy through fermentation - findings of 1931 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg.

Given that millions of cells are constantly dying as new cells are born, the normally vigilant immune system, under certain circumstance can become overwhelmed by free radicals and thus begins the cycle of mutation to tumor growth.

Tumors can be either benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Benign tumor cells stay in one place and are not usually life-threatening. Malignant tumor cells invade nearby tissues and can spread to other parts of the body.

Staging is commonly used to describe the extent or spread of cancer tumors:

  • Stage 0 - Early cancer cells (tumor/mass) detected only in the layer of cells in which it began
  • Stage I, II and III - Increasingly higher numbers indicate more extensive disease; greater tumor size, and/or spread of the cancer to nearby tissues
  • Stage IV - The cancer has spread to another organ.
  • Learn more about staging here (cancer.gov) ...

Cancer typically develops over a period of many years

Two factors must exist for cancer to exist:

  1. The body must have a toxic, low oxygen, acidic environment to support the growth of anaerobic cells
  2. The immune system must be weakened to the point that it is no longer able to recognize and destroy the mutant cells.

By the time current medical technologies can detect abnormalities in the body and doctors accurately diagnose the condition(s), it has usually progressed to a point where brute force is applied in the form of invasive surgeries, risky drugs and cell killing radiation and chemotherapies. Just getting appointments is a long and difficult process.

Despite declining mortality rates, the drastic medical approach takes a heavy toll on a patient’s immune system that in turn dramatically weakens its ability to fight off further illness and disease. Stress, depression, fear, lost hope and quality of life are common.

Sobering cancer statistics in Canada & the USA

While the news is grim, it is important to realize just how prevalent cancer is today:

  • The 5 year survival rate from all forms of cancer is about 62% (Canada/USA)
  • In 2009, over 75,000 Canadians and 562,000 Americans will die of cancer, a close second only to heart disease
  • In 2009, over 171,000 new Canadians and 1,479,350 new Americans will be diagnosed with cancer
  • The top 3 causes of cancer in men are prostrate, lung and colorectal cancer
  • The top 3 causes of cancer in women are breast, lung and colorectal cancer
  • 40% of women and 45% of men will develop cancer during their lifetime according to 2009 Canadian incidence rates
  • An estimated 1 in 4 Canadians and Americans are expected to die from cancer
  • The data for Europe mirrors North America

Cancer data source :

Hope in finding tomorrow’s cancer cures starts today

Coming to terms with what is possible, and not yet possible:

  • Miracles of modern medical technologies have not found a cure for cancer
  • Doctor’s remain unable to identify cancer at its earliest stages
  • Cancer treatments remain entirely reactive, not proactive
  • If diagnosed, taking personal responsibility, accountability and an active role in the treatment of the disease is critical to success
  • Even when western medicines fails, as long as there is life in the body, there can be hope and with hope, there is the possibility of healing.

Hope is essential to all healing and wellness

Today I am a healthy individual living a full life, in 1982 that was not the case.

I had collapsed while attending McGill, totally paralyzed from my neck to my toes, lost my ability to speak, lost bodily functions and I was just 19 years old. After months in hospital, doctors told me it was symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and later added Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

The doctor’s prognosis was equally poor: a 70% chance of recovery from wheelchair to crutches and no chance of playing the piano again or having a family and children.

At that time I had no one to turn to when western medicines failed. Faced with this, over a period of years I had to learn what worked, and what did not. The success I experienced convinced me others needed to know they had options. I began formal studies in natural healing and nutrition and have since certified in a number of disciplines and opened my practice in 1994.  Now celebrating 15 years of natural health and wellness counselling.

Isn’t your life worth fighting for

If you were diagnosed with a disease and told you has just x months to live, or you would live but be confined to a wheelchair … wouldn’t you do whatever it took to try and overcome the condition?

Sadly for too many people, the answer is no and total responsibility is left to the hardworking medical professionals who simply do not have all the tools they need, despite their expansive knowledge and technology.

No one should feel alone or out of options

What I learned during my very long, difficult journey is that hope, determination and willingness to have an open mind on alternative approaches rescued me. I remain eternally grateful to have discovered the world of natural health and it is the motivation behind my holistic counselling and coaching practice.

So what to say when a friend has cancer

Unless you have experienced something very similar, it is entirely normal to wonder what to say when a friend has cancer, but it does not have to be difficult.

Be supportive, let them know that their life is worth fighting for and encourage them to maintain hope, stay determined and to expand their search for solutions.

While pursing conventional cancer therapies, encourage them to take complementary proactive steps that include natural therapies which can help rebuild a weakened immune system, clean out toxins, balance the body and support recovery (and prevention).

Top 5 Principals of Natural Cancer Prevention and Therapy

  1. If you smoke, quit!   Cancerous cells (and growths) are anaerobic meaning they thrive in low oxygen, acidic environments. Anaerobic cells cannot survive in a well oxygenated environment so get outside, breathe deeply and exercise. A product that helps transport oxygen throughout the body is Liquid Chlorophyll. You can naturally alkalize the body and strengthen the immune system by eating large quantities of fresh veggies and fruits every day. Supplement your diet with GreenZone Whole Food Supplement.
  2. Poor nutrition is a major factor leading to a weakened immune system so reduce sugar, white flour, simple carbohydrates and chemically laden processed foods as you load up on 7-10 servings of fruits and veggies each day. Two products that nutritionally strengthen the immune system are Red Clover and Pau d'Arco. Antioxidant nutrients protect cells from damage so are ideal in prevention and treatment programs for cancer. Antioxidants also protect the body from the harmful effects of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. Two antioxidant rich products are High Potency Grapine and Zambroza in Canada or Thai-Go in the USA.
  3. Thousands of toxins, heavy metals and chemicals from the air you breathe, foods you eat and through your skin bombard your body every day. All are sources of free radicals so it is important to minimize or even remove sources such as refined and processed foods, non-organic fruits and veggies as well as toxic home cleaning agents, chemically laden hair and skin products, etc. Avoiding microwave food is also suggested as it alters the chemical composition of products. Two products that help detoxify are All Cell Detox and E-Tea Herbal Supplements.
  4. If diagnosed with cancer, it is important to kill the cancer cells usually through doctor recommended meds, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, though healthy cells get killed too. A side-effect of killing the cancerous cells are additional toxins the body must then eliminate. Well known for its cancer cell killing properties and healthy cell support is the herb Paw Paw Herbal Supplement. Another herb that breaks down the protein of cancer cells is Protease Plus Herbal Supplement.
  5. Develop a positive mental attitude.  Studies have linked emotional  traits including grief, long standing resentment, deep hurt, despair and defeatism with the incidence and severity of cancer.  Seek out happy experiences which in turn have a positive effect and influence on the immune system. Laugh lots, smell the flowers, find time for simple pleasures like music, time with friends and family. Two great stress supplements are Stress Formula and Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic.

Before, during and after cancer surgery, medications, radiation and chemotherapy anyone can (and in this writers opinion should) adopt a proactive approach that strengthens the body, combats cancerous cells and reduces the chances of reoccurrence; just begin with the guidelines of natural cancer prevention and therapy and consider calling to discuss.

About a natural approach to cancer and cancer prevention

This article introduces only the broad concepts of a natural cancer prevention and therapy program and is not sufficient to develop a program for someone who has cancer.

If you, or someone close to you would like to develop a personalized program, please contact me and we can begin by talking about your needs. Then, if you like my approach we can develop a program that specifically addresses your needs

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To your lasting good health and happiness,

Diane McLaren C.C.Ir., R.N.C.P.
Holistic Health Practitioner, Wellness Coach & Trainer 
Ref. Certain elements of this month's article have been derived from the teachings of Master Herbalist Steven Horne, a favourite trainer and instructor.

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