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This month's topic impacts everyone across North America and I'm frequently asked about it in my practice ... are all fats bad for me?  I know it's a bit long but I promise to share the surprising answers.

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Beware ... Not All Fats Are Created Equal

Learn how good fats can lead you to better health, naturally!

  • Cut the fat out!
  • Eat fat-free products!
  • New research study links fats to …
  • Are you tired of hearing about how bad those fats are for you?

Good fats, what they are and why you need them!

The topic of fat is constantly in the magazines and newspapers you read, sound bits from the radio and television you listen to and there is no shortage of experts with books talking about fats.

Unfortunately, most have a very narrow focus on weight and/or cholesterol and so they miss the bigger picture on fats! 

  • You may find it interesting to know that in the just the last 50 years, despite all the low-fat, fat-free (don’t forget sugar-free) and diet products available, as a nation, over 60% of people now carry excess to excessive weight. The World Health Organization has called it an epidemic.
  • The processed foods also contain many other ingredients that are not health promoting and contribute to weight gain, illness and disease.  Some are now suggesting the food industry is the next great threat to society.

Ever wonder why the majority of waist lines are increasing and illnesses are becoming more prevalent at a younger age (like Diabetes II, the world's fastest growing disease) even as the food industry introduces a wider variety of "healthy", "diet" and "low-fat/fat-free/sugar-free" products?

Some fats are absolutely necessary for health, others are harmful. 

You need to consume foods that contain the good fats and those fats are called Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) – often referred to as Omega 3, 6 and 9 which are essential for the proper functioning of your body. 

Good fats are extremely important for your nervous system, especially brain functions and brain development. They are also essential to strengthen your immune, circulatory (heart, arteries and blood) and structural (skin, bones and hair) systems. 

Good fats or EFA’s are called essential because they cannot be manufactured within the body and so must be acquired through the foods consumed and/or supplements.

An additional point to remember is that good fats in the body help to push out bad fats, and are necessary to ensure a healthy weight.

16 top health benefits of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s)

  1. Promotes pre-born, child and adult brain development and function
  2. Reduces pain as it contains many anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Improves skin tone and color, softness, smoothness, firms, reduces sun sensitivity and aids in fading of age spots on hands, dry skin and skin disorders
  4. Supports hair that is shinier, thicker and fuller
  5. Improves vitality, helps increase and regulate energy levels
  6. Vital to healthy nervous, glandular and muscular systems 
  7. Strengthen the cardiovascular and circulatory system as it aids in preventing cholesterol deposits in the arteries
  8. Improves digestive tract efficiency, avoiding gas and constipation
  9. Helps to address allergies
  10. Reduces the need of bingeing
  11. Improves disease resistance to arthritis, cancer and immunological diseases
  12. Improves cold weather resistance as it Insulates, warms and regulates body temperature
  13. Increases fat metabolism that aids in weight reduction and management
  14. Promote clarity in thinking
  15. Essential carrier for the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and aids absorption of these vitamins as well as making calcium more available at the cellular level, especially bones and teeth.
  16. Prevents sun burns – when enough good fats in our body, the body is much less likely to burn – the good fats inside offer lots of protection outside.  Still be reasonable with sun exposure – we need some sun, but only some – again moderation is the key!

The 5 best  EFA-rich foods you need in your diet

Making EFA-rich foods part of your diet is absolutely essential to lasting good health.  Here are some of the main EFA food sources though like anything, they still should be used in moderation.

  1. Cold-water fish preferably from the North Atlantic Ocean served 2-3 times/week, baked, not fried!  No oil or fat added.
  2. Raw nuts and seeds – great as a regular snack but avoid roasted and salted varieties. Enjoy a handful or two/day or crush and mix in salad.  (Store in frig)
  3. Avocados – in moderation 1-2/week. Slice and add to your salads, use in sandwiches or mash ¼  to ½ avocado then serve to baby, children or anybody in the family!
  4. Extra-virgin olive oil, hemp oil, flax oil – cold-pressed, 1st pressure.  Purchase in smaller sized, dark glass bottles (to avoid rancidity) as once opened, it has a short shelf life, even if due date is much later.
  5. Eggs – free-range or organic and poach or soft-boil. The yolk should be liquid and the white has to be well-cooked, no other fats or synthetic spray should be used. 

Butter is good fat, if used in moderation

Butter is a natural animal product – organic is preferred as it has less other “ingredients” and it is of better overall quality.  Use in strict moderation.

To avoid rancid fats which are considered bad fats,  Store your foods carefully.
Integrating EFA-rich foods into your diet not only enhance your health, they open new dimensions to foods which adds welcome color, taste and texture to your foods.

Bad fats you should avoid at all times

  1. Margarine including the new improved versions 
  2. Fried and deep-fried foods
  3. Any foods containing trans-fats
  4. Any foods containing shortenings or vegetable oils,
  5. Anything with “hydrogenated” oil/fats
  6. Heated/cooked oils and fats included olive oil

The best tip is to read the label if you're buying processed foods and avoid the above plus anything that says artificial colouring, falvouring, fat-free, sugar-free and so on. 

Because you may not get enough

As most people I've come across in my practice and teachings do not get enough good fat from their nutrition or get too much bad fat in, I have found that a little natural supplementation goes a long way. 

For some people, they need it daily to get started for the first 3 months to just restore balance in their body and build a reserve while others it only when they do not get it from their good food sources.

Nutritional Solutions Rich In Good Fats

Here are my 2 favorite Good Fats (EFA’s) supplements plus other high quality vitamin and minerals.   I welcome your inquiry on these or any of my complete line of nutritional supplements.  Not sure of what you might need?  Just write or call me anytime.

SuperOil Caps (#8235-8) (My healthy candy) 

A nutritional supplement which contains a blend the best oils available including cold-pressed linseed oil (aka flax seed), cold-water fish oil, soya lecithin (non-GMO), evening primrose oil, natural lemon oil and natural vitamin E. 

I personally love to chew them and have many clients who also enjoy them.  First you get a bit of the oily taste (it does not taste fishy at all!) mixed with a lemon taste which reminds me of some candies like “starburst!  Then you get the gelatin and as it gets softer and melts away, it is a like a gummy bear – it is even a bit sweet. 

I call them my “healthy candy” because it is a fun and easy way to incorporate good fats into your “Habits of Health”. 

SuperOmega 3 (#1515-7) (Better than mom's daily cod liver oil)

Super Omega-3 softgels contains 1,175 mg fish oil (anchovy, mackerel, sardine) per capsule, with the proper ratio of  EPA to DHA. It also contains lemon to significantly reduce the aftertaste from fish oil and to reduce gas.

NSP conducts extensive quality assurance testing to verify the purity of all its products. The oil in Super Omega-3 is highly purified using molecular distillation. This helps to ensure a purer product. 

You can learn more about these excellent nutritional supplements, or order yours from my website.  Click here for more vitamin, mineral and good fats product information ...

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