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This Months Feature The Very Last Sign Of Body Dehydration

If you are not drinking enough clean or purified water throughout the day, every day, your body becomes dehydrated and the early distress symptoms from your body frequently include cloudy urine, a strong odor, urinary burning and/or dark urine color.  The normal color of urine should be almost clear to pale yellow.

Other symptoms of body dehydration can include … backaches, constipation, hunger (often people mistakes hunger when it is really thirst), headaches, skin conditions, allergies, asthma and so on.

These are just a few of the many symptoms of dehydration and prolonged states of water drought in the body can lead to many more severe conditions ... but the solution can be simple!

First you need to realize that your body is composed of about 75% water and 25% solid matter and your brain is estimated to be up to 85% water content.  The human body evolved from water and hydration remains a dominate and fundamental influence on health.

"Dry mouth" is the very last sign of body dehydration!

In fact, water is the fluid in your body that makes your life, and life itself possible.  Water provides the primary means of transport at and within the cellular level and throughout the body, in short it is essential to the chemistry of life.

By the time you recognize the feeling of thirst, the cells in your body are already water deprived and in that state they operate less efficiently. 
To complicate that, as the body ages it slowly looses the sensation of thirst and an increased risk of dehydration.

The body loses as much as 4 liters of fluid a day, every day!

This water loss is through a number of normal body functions including urine, sweat, breathing (exhaling moisture) and bowel movements. The lost fluids must be replenished constantly to avoid the risk of cell damage and the ripple effect of diminished organ function leading to disease.

The kidneys filter about 180 liters of blood and normally extracts about 2 liters of waste as urine daily. When the body is not receiving sufficient pure clean water, the kidneys, will slow down their purifying activities and result in blood becoming too thick. 

The thickened blood in turn impedes the circulation of oxygen, nutrients, hormones which prevents them from being successfully transferred to tissues and cells throughout the body.   This puts stress on body systems that can eventually lead to illness and disease.

Toxic blood can eventually wear out the immune system

Over time, organic compounds may tend to settle out of solution and form “gravel” or stones. Such kidney stones may also occur because of an individual’s genetic makeup, or in individuals lacking minerals like magnesium.

If the kidneys stop working, blood pressure becomes disturbed, ammonia and other chemical build-ups may lead to mental problems, body tissues may swell (edema), and body functions will slow down.

Kidney and bladder complaints are fairly wide spread and can almost always trace their beginnings to the earliest warning symptoms of cloudy urine, a strong odor, urinary burning and/or dark urine color.

Whether it is an urinary burning sensation, inability to hold the water, cloudy or dark urine when voided, discomfort in the mid back, frequent urination, blood in the urine, and so on;  the issues are there and very real, and let’s face it, they are most irritating.  

Remember that is a majority of situations, these are just symptoms of dehydration and can be addressed inexpensively when dealt with quickly.

Calculating Your Water Requirements

It's critical to be aware of how much water your body needs
Your body does not have a reserve of water so regular (daily) clean water hydration is critical for overall body health.

Coffee, tea, power drinks and soft drinks do not count and in fact can be detrimental to your health due to the vast array of chemical additives and usual heavy loading of sugars and sugar substitutes.

Calculations to determine your body's water needs is simple: 

Take your weight in pounds and divide by 2. The rounded result represents fluid ounces of fresh clean water you need throughout the day, every day. 

To break that down to a practical measure, divide the total ounces by 8 to find the number of glasses of water you should be consuming through the day.

Be aware of what does not count for body hydration

Sodas and soft drinks.  These manufactured products are mostly water but they have a very high sugar or chemical sweeteners content and artificial flavorings that are harmful to your health so enjoy them, infrequently. Diet sodas should be avoided completely.

Juices, coffee, tea, sodas and power drinks. Even though these manufactured products are largely made up of water, the diuretics contained in these caffeinated beverages flush water out of your body.


Water comes in many forms but the best water you can consume for your body is reverse osmosis which is available in water Store s for a very modest cost.  Second might be distilled followed by spring water.  

In most towns and cities, water from the tap smells due to the chemical treatments and while city safety statements suggest no harm, who want to drink water that smells bad!  A good quality filtering system is recommended.

By the way, drinking water at room temperature is body friendly!

Easy first steps combating dehydration disorders

Easy Step 1) Easy Tip for cloudy urine, burning or strong smell as well as many other dehydration related symptoms.

If you do experience cloudy urine, urinary burning and/or a strong smell the low/no cost approach is to consider how many glasses of clean water you are drinking because for most people, it's usually not enough. 

Remember, the last sensation of a dehydrated body is thirst!
Note that it takes time for your cells to become rehydrated. 

For this reason, you should slowly increase by one glass per day, per week ,until you achieve your ideal amount using the following as a guide to spread consumption across the day. 

If you are in the lower weight range, use smaller serving sizes to ensure your hydration is evenly distributed:

  • Have a glass first thing in the morning, even before coffee
  • Have a glass 1/2 hour before every meal, mid morning, afternoon and evening
  • Do NOT drink water during meal time as it dilutes your digestive juices and enzymes and impairs digestion
  • Have a glass just before bedtime

Regular water intake helps your body function better, raises the metabolism, enhances the absorption of nutrients from your foods and is exceptionally good for those watching their weight. 

In fact, a well hydrated body is more resistant to disease and premature aging.

In many cases you'll resolve the cloudy urine and strong smell and notice your complexion improves, weight stabilizes and your thinking become clearer as your system becomes more efficient at flushing out toxins. 

Easy Step 2) Ensure your body systems are cleansed seasonally

You can help this cleansing process by completing a 10-15 day herbal cleanse which will noticeably improve your feeling of wellness as your body function improves.

Once you begin to improve your daily level of good clean water, it's time to consider an all natural (and gentle) body cleanse to help rid your body of toxins. 

This will nutritionally strengthen and restore your body systems to a more efficient state of function and not only improve your natural elimination of toxins, it will return new energy and vitality as your body returns to a balanced state of health.

Tiao He Cleanse will naturally strengthen 3 core body systems as it helps your body to naturally detoxify the waste accumulated in your body.  The 10-15 day Tiao He Colon Cleanse & Body Detox kit   ...

Remember, once you begin rehydrating your body it will take time for the effects to filter to the cellular level.  Take it slow and I'd welcome your questions at any time. 

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