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Summer Issue 2010

Diane McLaren C.C.Ir., R.O.H.P., R.N.C.P.

Summer 2010!  Vacations, travel, camping, outdoor activities & sports, BBQ's, the sun, hopefully some rest … and lots of fun!

We all love to enjoy our summers to the max though sometimes there are some unpleasant and unwanted side-effects which go with the fun.

To help you enjoy the most of your summer naturally, here are a few effective herbal first-aid tips that work anytime.

In this issue you'll discover what to do if:

  • Stung by a bee/wasp
  • Burned by sun, scalding water or fire
  • Allergies are acting up
  • Suffering from motion sickness or fever
  • A summer cold strikes and more

I hope you find value in this information and thank you for allowing me to share my passion, training and experience in nutrition, holistic healing, natural health and wellness with you.  I welcome your comments & feedback! 

Warm & Healthy Regards,

Warm & Healthy Regards, Diane

Diane McLaren C.C.Ir., R.O.H.P., R.N.C.P.
Natural Health Practitioner
Healthy You Naturally
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How To Maximize Your Summer Fun Naturally

How To Maximize Summer Fun Naturally from Healthy You Naturally

Places to go and things to see!  Every summer we try to pack our holiday time, weekends and evenings with as much activity as possible before fall's cooler weather sets in.

Along the way some experience travel sickness, colds, allergies, cuts, burns, sprains, bits and more that can really put a damper on the activities. 

In this issue, learn how to take a natural approach to  first aid and quickly get back to summer fun.

Drink Up

While you've heard this perhaps too many times, make sure you drink lots of good quality water.

One of my early teachers, Dr. Bernard Jensen used to say “You are not allergic, you are thirsty!”  It is crucial for all respiratory conditions including allergies, asthma, colds, etc. to make sure you are properly hydrated.

How much do you need?  Take your body weight in lbs. divided by 2 to calculate the total daily fluid ounces needed  (divide by 8 for the number of 8 oz. drinks a day).  If it is hot or you are sweating, drink a bit more.  Remember that coffee, tea, colas, juices and alcohol beverages DO NOT count as hydration, so take that into account.

For variety add 1 tsp. of liquid chlorophyll to 8 oz. of water for a refreshing and beneficial beverage.  Nature's Sunshine Canada & USA order # 1689-6 (946 mL /32 Oz)

Natural Anti-histamine & Allergic Reactions

My favorite natural anti-histamine is AL-J Tab (Canada # 778-8 or USA # 767-4 ) and/or AL-J Liq. Extr. (Canada # 3166-5 59 mL - USA # 3166-5 2 Oz.) which are herbal combinations to support the respiratory and immune systems.

  • AL-J works to bring relief quickly, in fact within minutes.  It is safe and does not produce side-effects. It's great for sniffles, sneezing, sinus, ears, lungs, coughs, colds, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, redness and swelling of bites, removes allergens and other toxins.
  • In a crisis situation, can take every ½ hr. to every hr. until symptoms decrease, many of my clients report improvements within 10-15 minutes of an allergic reaction.

I always recommend taking smaller amounts more often for best results.

Burns, Bites, Rashes and more

Aloe Vera is a favorite! … for many reasons.  I have used it extensively in my family and for my clients.  Let me share something personal …

How this product helped my daughter avoid 3rd degree skin grafts naturally ...

My youngest daughter (now almost 15) was severely burned when she was 6 months old by scalding water from a silver tea pot.  Some of the burns were third-degree. 

After leaving the hospital VON nurses (absolutely wonderful nurses) visited to change her bandages twice a day.  The doctors advised that skin grafts were going to be needed.

After ten days, the doctor authorized NSP Aloe Vera Gel  which I applied with every bandage change.  I had witnessed aloe working on second-degree burns but never on such severe third degree burns.

In the end, the doctors were amazed that she did not need skin grafts and today, scaring is barely visible, thanks to NSP's unique Aloe Vera formulation.

  • Ancient Egyptian medical writings indicate the use of Aloe Vera for healing infections, wounds, and skin problems and has been used since for its many healing properties
  • Many studies have shown Aloe Vera helps the healing of burns and inhibits various bacteria from entering a wound.
  • It sooths, softens and protects the skin; it promotes healing of burns and wounds; it breaks down dead tissues and stimulates cell regeneration.
  • It is great to treat abrasions, cuts, diapers rash, eczema, insect bites/stings, irritations, psoriasis, scratches, skin rashes, skin ulcers, sunburns, and minor wounds.
  • One active ingredient in aloe vera, known as salycylate, provides both anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. Can also be used as sunscreen and shaving cream.

There are hundred of species of Aloe Vera and as many labeled products.  NSP’s Aloe Vera Gel (Canada/USA # 1679-2 220 mL/8 Oz.) is more than 97% pure and is derived from pure aloe pulp.

Motion Sickness & Fever

Ever had stomach queasiness from boat rocking, an airplane trip or winding roads?

  • Did you know that there is a widely used herb that has a recorded history of medicinal usage dating from the 4th century B.C.? …
  • Did you know that according the British medical journal Lancet, this herbs anti-nausea action relieves motion sickness and dizziness (vertigo) better than the leading drug treatment, Dramamine?
  • Ancient Indians used the herb in cooking, to preserve food and to treat digestive problems.

The herb is ginger! 

Ginger can be used to relieve upset stomachs, indigestion, cramps, flatulence and diarrhea. It is also great for motion sickness and morning sickness.

For relief of motion sickness, it works in two ways:

  1. Start taking a few days before the trip, taking 6-8 caps/day and 2/hour the day of the trip OR
  2. Take at 6x/d (2/meal) for a few weeks prior to trip and only add extra if needed during the trip.

Those clients that have used it either way for its various benefits never travel without it, even on the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean!

Another client was taking ginger for her digestion (6x/d) and happened to take a week-end trip where there was a boat crossing and noticed that she did not get sea sick at all, which was a wonder for her.

You can also use ginger to quickly reduce a fever  … take 3-4 capsules of ginger and mix with a little bit of water to make a paste. Then, pour the paste under the running bath water (warmer than colder making sure there is no draft), soak in the tub for about 15-20 minutes.  This typically lowers the body temperature several degrees.

I have used ginger baths extensively, especially when the kids were little and it always worked … sometimes even a few baths / night when battling a high fever.

More Herbs That Work

Small Cuts: Capsicum (Canada / USA # 160-5): Quite effective at putting a stop to bleeding from small cuts, nicks and nasty scrapes. Simply open a capsule and sprinkle contents over bleeding area.

Headaches: Fenugreek and Thyme (Canada # 884-6 - USA # 885-1): For sinus congestion, headaches, fever, coughs, colds, indigestion.

Asthma Attacks & Ear Aches: Lobelia Liq. Ext. (Canada/USA # 1765-8 - ): For an acute asthma attack, a few drops in the mouth will relax and put a stop to the spasms. A few drops in the ears will relieve earaches.

Constipation: Cascara Sagrada (Canada/USA # 170-8) Eating on the go can sometimes cause constipation and this herbal laxative can keep you regular while on go.

Sprains/Pulls: Everflex Cream (Canada/USA # 3535-6): Wonderful fast-acting topical pain reliever goes on light, easily absorbed. Not greasy and does not stain clothing.

Muscle/Joint Pain: Tei Fu Massage Lotion (Canada # 1616-2 - USA # 3538-5): Relieves tired muscles and joints; leaves skin soft and smooth.

Of course as a Master Herbalist, the list can go on.  I do hope that the solutions above are useful, should the need arise! 

Do You Have AN NSP Account?

You can visit the NSP website (USA or Canada) to order these and hundreds of other wonderful herbs at member only discounts. 

If you want to open your own account, use sponsor # 342288-7 Diane McLaren (Canada) and with your purchase you'll have a 1 year membership for great discounts on all your herbal and nutritional supplementation needs.

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Got questions about NSP?  

Ask me anything as I've used NSP products personally since the 1980's and professionally in my clinic since 1994.

Want a personalized wellness plan?

If you have questions about the herbal supplements/remedies in this article or would like to get a formal wellness plan in place, I would be honored to be of service. Available in office or by-phone across Canada and the USA. 

Warm regards and enjoy your summer in good health!

Diane McLaren
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