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Thank you for your interest and allowing me to share my training and experiences in natural healing and wellness with you.  I hope you like this new format; your questions and comments always welcome. Healthy regards,
-Diane McLaren

If you think you can or think you can't,
you're probably right. ~ Henry Ford

This Months Feature Can Positive Mental Attitudes Influence Wellness?

In 1982 I was confined to a wheelchair due to the paralyzing effects of MS.  I was determined to walk again and began visualizing a bed of nails on that wheelchair's seat. 

Day after day for months I would picture myself as I sat on that chair only to jump up again because of the imagined pain from the nails. I imagined a future that did not include that chair.   My doctors thought I was in denial, but today, I enjoy symptom free living free of MS, CFS, Fibromyalgia and more.  Nature has truly given us a great gift.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Having a positive mental attitude makes all the difference regardless of your goals. But how often do you hear people saying …

  • I know I'm not going to get that job
  • I need to lose weight, but I just can't
  • Everyone keeps telling me brisk walking and exercise will help me to lose it, but I know it just won't work for me
  • Nothing works for me
  • I'm overdrawn on my checking account and I have no way of getting any money to put back in there

What do you think the results of that kind of thinking are?

You’d be right if you said more of the same, so I recommend you should think and do with purpose because your body will do exactly what you ask of it.

The human mind can not distinguish between thoughts and actions and Earl Nightingale said it well “We become what we think about”.

Can You Say Wonderful Without Smiling?

When I studied with Dr. Jensen, he asked us every morning “How are you doing?” and we would say good, fine, great and so forth.  He would say “Wonderful”!

Then he’d ask us again.  He would ask us to say the word “wonderful” and not smile; try to be sad or grumpy.

Go ahead, try it yourself right now …get in front of a mirror and ask yourself, "How are you today? ... answer wonderful and you will notice you just cannot say it without cracking a smile!

The more you say “wonderful” the more you feel “wonderful”.
In this simple exercise, you are influencing your mood and it is just a small example of nature's power within you.

What Message Are You Sending Yourself?

When something significant and unpleasant happens to you, do you tell your mom, then your sister, then your brother, then a friend, then another friend?

Did you ever notice that the more you told your story, the more you felt the pain?  Of course the good news is that the inverse of this is true also!

Think about which stories you’re talking and thinking about and what experiences are influencing your state of mind?

Many studies have linked the relationships of our body’s reaction to our own self-talk, visualizations, mental and emotional attitudes both positive and negative.  What influences are you listening to?

  • Have you seen the movie “The Secret” or read Jack Canfield?
  • Ever have thoughts that successfully turned into actions and great results?
  • Ever attend a seminar by Harv Eker, Bob Proctor or Anthony Robbins?

All your influencers and surrounding environments have impacted your current thinking and beliefs and they have directed your actions and formed your self awareness to this very moment in time.

Be Positive And Great Things Always Happen

The good news is that your beliefs are not fixed; we all have the power of choice and the ability to change them and as a result, change our individual situation, circumstances and abundance!

Living with a positive mental attitude is a skill anyone can successfully develop … it is much more fun to look at the glass half full than half empty, it costs nothing to develop and it really does work!

Decide what you will change then take small steps. 

Practicing one new routine or habit for the first 3 weeks helps you become familiar with it, but it’s the constant repetition over the following 2 to 3 months that helps put it on autopilot. Add changes slowly so you are not in danger of falling back into old habits.

Few succeed when they attempt too many changes too quickly.

Be positive to be successful, in every facet of your waking life because you are what you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.  Make wellness your natural choice today.

A Wellness Coach Can Turbo Charge Your Health

When it comes to your health, a Wellness Coach can help you make dramatic improvements, changes that really will help you feel good and look great.  Regardless of where you start your journey; Diane's skilled direction, advice and guidance will help you naturally achieve better results, faster and as a bonus you will get the knowledge and skills that last a lifetime. 

Schedule an in-depth assessment, identify the strengths and weaknesses in your body, clarify your goals and get a personal plan with an achievable timeline in place that will successfully take you from where you are to where you want to be. Contact Diane today.

You are invited to discover just how effective and rewarding a natural approach to health can be.

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