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This month's topic involves millions of people across North America and I'm frequently asked about it in my practice ... are energy drinks good or bad for me?  I'll share some facts, tips and alternatives.

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Are Popular Energy Drinks Bad For You?

An Alternative Plus Top 7 Tips That Will Naturally Boost Your All Day Energy Everyday

Did you reach for an energy drink this past Memorial (US) or Victoria (CA) Day Weekend?

More and more people are beginning to wonder if energy drinks actually do more harm than good, others have been searching for a natural energy booster while others would like to know how lifestyle choices affect their everyday energy levels.   Read on for the answers to all 3!

First of all energy drinks are big business globally, and very popular!

Energy drinks are everywhere and each day millions of people consume them.  You find them alongside juices, sodas and water in most markets; often branded under endearing names such as Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle, Amp and all have flashy advertising that conveys strength, power, speed and sexuality with sometimes ridiculous benefit claims.

  • Massive $5 Billion Industry and growing
  • Youth to boomer target market
  • Promotes strength, power, speed and sexuality
  • Very expensive per serving
  • Health risks

With annualized sales of over $5 Billion in North America alone, their popularity continues to grow rapidly every year.  These products have been specifically engineered (the ingredients, advertising & hype) to appeal to a youth minded audience and stretched to appeal to boomers with the inclusion of trace ingredients such as fruit juices, vitamins and herbs.

People consume energy drinks for a variety of reasons.

Even normally health conscious people wanting a quick boost of energy sometimes reach for an energy drink when they are going to the gym, have a big game, did not sleep well, skipped a meal or get that mid afternoon low.  (Soda, coffee and tea remain popular alternatives too.)

So what's wrong with energy drinks?

  • Expensive, typically averaging $3 to $5 per serving.
  • Designed to deliver a temporary energy high of about 30-45 minutes, frequently followed by a jittery crash in energy. 
  • Roller-coaster effect of highs and lows can develop with regular consumption somewhat like an addiction because when in the low (or crash after consumption) the desire to return to the “energy high” is strong and can induces a cycle of wanting more.
  • In bars and clubs, young people are using energy drinks like Red Bull (stimulate) as a mixer despite label warnings against use with alcohol (depressant) that can introduce the additional danger of over consumption of alcohol.  
  • Chemically engineered synthetic ingredients and additives.
  • Dehydrate the body due to high concentrations of caffeine which is especially dangerous in hot weather conditions. 
  • Contain a lot of sugar (5 tablespoons or more) so have high calorie levels that can easily lead to unwanted weight gain. 
  • Artificially sweetened versions (Sugar-Free) are not generally body friendly e.g. saccharin, splenda, aspartame, neotame, acesulfame potassium, etc. and numerous studies indicate they can contribute to significant weight gain amongst other health problems.

Despite the marketing of added vitamins, these energy drinks should not in any way be considered a substitute for proper nutrition or hydration.

The Journal of American College Health published a report on the link between energy drinks, athletics and risky behavior in teens; a collection of risky and aggressive behaviors including unprotected sex, substance abuse and violence.

The dangers of energy drinks are compelling enough that experts at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are pushing for health warning labels to be added to energy drink products.

Sports and energy drink risks

When it comes to sports, most energy drinks will dehydrate your body quickly so they should be avoided during any strenuous physical activity, be it sports or in the workplace.

The key to energy levels during any strenuous activity is to stay properly hydrated and plain, clean water is more than adequate to meet most people’s needs.

Strong words of caution on energy drinks and heart / cardiovascular disease

  • If you are taking medication for high blood pressure or heart disease, a study published in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy by the Henry Ford Hospital suggests the conservative approach, at least in those with heart disease or cardiovascular disease, is to avoid these energy drinks until we learn more about them,”. 

Researchers found that healthy adults who drank two cans a day of a popular energy drink experienced a 10-point increase in their blood pressure and a five- to seven-beat increase in heart rate.

  • Australian medical researchers lead by Dr. Scott Willoughby, of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Adelaide University concluded Red Bull can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people.  

The caffeine-loaded beverage caused the blood to become sticky, a pre-cursor to cardiovascular problems such as stroke. Dr. Willoughby said the energy drink could be deadly when combined with stress or high blood pressure, impairing proper blood vessel function and possibly lifting the risk of blood clotting

  • Despite lifting a 12 year ban on Red Bull (EU legality issues), the health authority of France remain skeptical about its safety given the high levels of taurine and caffeine, suspected of causing "neurophysiological problems".

The agency considered that the safety of use was not guaranteed. In addition, the nutritional value could not be demonstrated," based on its analyses carried out on the drink since 2001.

The bottom line on popular energy drinks is clear!

  1. Given the high concentrations of sugars and caffeine alone, a temporary energy high is inevitable regardless of any advertised additive ingredients and their implied benefits.
  2. Popular energy drinks are not a substitute for thirst because they actually dehydrate the body of essential fluids.
  3. Most energy drinks deliver limited short term benefits and introduce chemical ingredients the human body has a great deal of difficulty processing.  This can contribute to weight gain and studies indicate they may aggravate existing health symptoms relating to the cardiovascular system.
  4. Poor temporary substitute for sustained energy achieved through proper hydration, nutrition, exercise and sleep. (See the 7 top tips below)

Is there a natural energy drink that delivers a boost of energy without the side-effects?

Fortunately, there is now an alternative to mainstream energy drinks (and sodas, teas and coffees) that delivers the desired energy boost characteristics without the side effects plus beneficial nutrients that safely promotes energy metabolism.  Learn more about Solstic on my website ...

If you want to consume an energy drink for whatever reason, you really should consider the natural energy drink called Solstic.  Solstic is the energy drink for health conscious people that has been uniquely developed to deliver a sustained energy boost with real health benefits without the typical boost and bust jitters associated with the more popular products.

What is Solstic?

Solstic is a convenient, single-serving, all-natural energy beverage mix that contains energy-boosting ingredients plus powerful antioxidants.  (30 packets per box, 3.77 g each).  The product has been developed to offer a more healthy option for those wanting an energy drink.

Guarana seed extract
Grapeskin extract
Decaffeinated green tea extract
Korean ginseng extract
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B1

Solstic is not a substitute for multi vitamins & minerals or good nutritional support and should not be used as such. It is designed specifically for people who want to naturally boost their energy levels safely, and without side-effects..

Learn more about Solstic on my website ...

Why is the Solstic Energy Drink so different?

  • Very affordable at just $1 per serving with an incredibly great taste.
  • Naturally delivers more energy potential and customers report sustained energy levels lasting 3-4 hrs. with no crash period or "heart palpitations" commonly experienced with other energy drinks
  • The blend of natural, energy-boosting ingredients gives the added boost without long-term health risks associated with coffee, sugar, colas and taurine found in many of the energy drinks on the market.
  • Contains the complete complex of B vitamins which plays an important role in energy metabolism.
  • Natural ingredients include nourishing, well-known and safe herbs with the same extreme quality standards Nature’s Sunshine is recognized for.
  • Comes in a small ecologically convenient, take-anywhere, easy-to-use stick packs of 30 per box.
  • Just add 10 oz./350ml of water and enjoy!

You can safely use Solstic whenever you need an energy boost in lieu of energy drinks, caffeinated beverages or sodas.

Special note on one Solstic ingredient 

Many of you who know me know that from a holistic nutritional point of view, I do not necessarily agree with one ingredient in the drink.  That said, Solstic is by far the best alternative for anyone currently consuming energy drinks and because of the high quality nutrients and herbs in the product, the benefits far outweigh any perceived disadvantages. 

  • When compared to most energy drinks, Solstic is about 99% right and does not have all the additives.
  • Why I bring this point to your attention and make a recommendation on Solstic is simple: this is a healthy alternative and if you (my clients included) are going to drink the other stuff, this is a better option.

Now to be clear, the one ingredient I hesitate on is called sucralose.  It has been getting a bad rap like most other artificial sweeteners yet after intense research,  I find sucralose really is different and appears to be a much better option to other sugar substitutes.  In any case, the actual amount in a serving is very small.  If you would like more clarification, give me a call for a copy of the research behind my reasoning. 

The point is, if you plan to consume an energy drink for the boost it delivers, Solstic is a healthy alternative.

Learn More and Try Solstic's Natural Energy Boost Here

  1. Read more about the Solstic Energy Drink on my website …
  2. Order a box (30) at under 1$ each and experience it for yourself ...

Top 7 Tips That Naturally Boost Your All Day Energy

  1. Eat breakfast. Eating in the morning can rev up your metabolism and start your day out right. 
  2. Eat healthy snacks between meals (fruit/veggies/nuts). Oftentimes we get tired because our blood sugar drops too low. To prevent the drop, try and eat a healthy snack as required. 
  3. Drink water. When you're dehydrated, you will feel fatigued. Get your daily requirement (weight (lbs.)/2 = oz.) 
  4. Decrease sweets. Consuming products high in sugar (including sugar substitutes) will lead to a peak in blood sugar and then a major drop. The drop is what leads to feelings of fatigue. If you reduce sweets, you’ll diminish blood sugar swings and enjoy better weight control as a bonus. Done slowly, any cravings will disappear.
  5. Exercise.. Regularly getting your blood flowing will increase your metabolism, stamina and spirit. 
  6. Sleep. You'll always feel tired if you don't get your Z's. Slow down and aim for at least 7 hours of sleep
  7. Laugh often.  Studies indicate that tickling the funny bone has far reaching benefits including stress reduction.


Want To Know Why Your Energy Levels Are Low?

Any energy drink is a temporary measure at best.  If your energy level is low on a regular basis there are real reasons.  I recommend you find out why you experience regular low energy and find out what’s causing it, e.g. get to the root cause and here are 2 options where I can be of assistance by phone or in-office:

  1. Book a complementary consultation with me and get your Health Blueprint in under 30 minutes.   I’ll help you identify what body system(s) are affecting or contributing to your constant lack of energy or fatigue! 


  1. "Health Foundations Consultation" Get all the basics in this expanded Session that includes a complete natural health assessment including:   In-depth Iridology Consultation (when in office),  Nutritional Assessment, Blueprint of Your Health, Food Intake Analysis, Personal Objectives Review and a Written Individualized Program Recommendation. Regular cost is just $140 - till June 1, the cost is $99 and you save $40.


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