May 2008

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Does That Smoothie Contain Rocket Fuel Or What?

The Age Old Breakfast Dilemma ... Solved Naturally

Diane McLaren of Healthy You Naturally

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” - Voltaire

Last December I received a blender as a gift and the family excitedly talked about making a smoothie part of the morning meal.  We all realized that it was a good way to ensure solid natural nutrition and wellness. As a nutritionist, I was secretly thrilled!

Well, January arrived with the best of intentions, but it also passed ... the blender sat in a box in the hall closet.

In February I finally unpacked that blender and Bill (my husband) said he'd make a smoothie for everyone the next morning.  Despite some confusion on how ... he did; and since then we have had our smoothie each morning and I have recently begun recommending it to my customers and clients, including my weight loss (Slimming Club) clients.

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In May, I began assessing the impact this dense nutrition has had on my family and my clients.  Those of you that know me personally also know that I never act rashly, instead preferring to evaluate prior to making  a recommendation.

3 Months have passed and the conclusion I've reached is that with the speed of life and challenges to eat nutritionally well regularly, smoothies each morning will noticeably improve anyone's and everyone's state of health, no matter where they start from.

What Immediate Results Did This Breakfast Smoothie Have?

The fact that the smoothies simply tasted good helped my kids adopt it quickly and because it didn't take much time to prepare, it was easy to make it part of the morning ritual.  Clients are now reporting similar experiences.

You should know that until February my 12 year old would always have a breakfast of organic oatmeal or waffles, a fruit and usually juice plus a shot of Zambroza (Thai-Go in the USA).   A good eater, but getting her to take the additional nutrients she needed was far less successful.  As a competitive dancer (25+ hours a week), her immune system was constantly under pressure.

On the other hand, my teenager (17) had decided food in the morning used up too much valuable time and despite the battles, she skipped frequently.  She is also a competitive dancer that struggled to find energy for school, dance and friends.

As for my husband, while he knew the 6 or 7 supplement tabs and caps I'd recommend were essential, he struggled to be consistent daily.

So from that first humble smoothie, we have had a daily nutritious breakfast and noticed a number of positive results in ourselves and received similar feedback from clients who have adopted my daily smoothie recommendation.  

Does That Smoothie Contain Rocket Fuel Or What?

YES! At least the human nutritional equivalent of it - in just 3 months there's been  tremendous positive and even surprising and unexpected results:

  • Regulation of erratic blood pressure and sugar levels - age 68
  • Plantar warts (a virus) disappeared from soles of feet - age 12
  • Lines in finger nails gone - age 45
  • Nail fungus dramatically improving - age 53
  • Improved all day energy and clarity of thinking - age 69
  • Teenager much calmer moods with better ability to focus - age 17
  • Reduced mood swings and tendency toward anger - age 28
  • Weight loss and the urge to snack curbed - age 39
  • Complexion cleared up - age 17
  • Bowel regularity improved - all reported moderate to excellent
  • Improved attention span - boys aged 8 and 11
  • Resistant to illness despite exposure to flues or colds - everyone
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With the success of the past 3 months (which really should be of no surprise given we are simply delivering the level of nutrients the body needs and can process to be healthy) I wanted to introduce the ultimate smoothie solution to you.

Feedback Including Some Surprising And Unexpected Benefits

“Since giving the smoothie to my sons, I noticed that their focus and attention have improved greatly.” - T.S., Toronto

I love the smoothie because … my teenage daughter has been so much better … her moods, irritability, grumpiness … plus I know that she has some basic foods for the day – i am not always sure how much and what she eats during the day when at school   ...   Personally, I noticed that my nails do not have vertical lines in them anymore and I am more trimmed, have less tummy.” - D.L., Ontario

...  the plantar warts are all gone now – there were some big ones and some smaller ones …  they are ALL gone!!!!!  There're a virus and she had them for over a year. I had used some herbs and it had helped, but they would not totally disappear or would come back because it was difficult to be consistent with the herbs every day.  The only thing I changed is that I give her the smoothie every morning.  I also noticed that my immune system is much stronger – I have not been sick at all even though many people have been sick around me.” - Sonya M, Toronto

... the days I take my smoothie, my blood sugar level and my blood pressure are very good - they do not fluctuate.  Also, I noticed that I have more energy and I can concentrate better.  So now, my goal is to take it every day!” - T.D., Montreal

When I take the smoothie, I have good energy all the day, I am not looking for snacks all day, I feel great, and everything is clearer.”  - JBL, Quebec

"That smoothie really fills you up!  I no longer need to grab a bagel on the way to work and have no urge to snack before lunch.  It's interesting to notice that the cost of the smoothie is actually less than what I was spending on breakfast and snacks! Thanks W.M. Mississauga

So Who Can Benefit From A Smoothie Breakfast

Breakfast, as you probably know is arguably the most important meal of the day.  It powers you up and balances your body systems for the day ahead ...

This smoothie breakfast solution is for fussy kids, people who skip, those with no time in the morning and those that opt for the fast food solution at home or on the drive to work and certainly anyone wanting optimum nutrition.. 

And yes, most boxed or bagged cereals are fast foods, not the nutrient rich foods you body was originally designed for ... and still needs.

Want Real Change:  Make It A Smoothie A Day For The Next 60 Days!

Before you accept the challenge, you should know that you will observe your body functions better and you will feel noticeably better with:

  • Increased clarity of thought
  • Improved stress resistance
  • Enhanced energy throughout the day
  • Easier control of your food consumption
  • Better results in exercise and weight loss

BONUS: You will also notice that your nutrient fed body will automatically respond to conditions of most need.  In other words, the nutrient punch of the smoothie will filter to those most weakened areas needing the most attention. 

So What Is In This Rocket Fuel?

Lots of berries, organic juice plus plant sourced herbal supplement nutrients including fibre, fatty acids omega 3-6-9, amino acids (protein), vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12, Folic Acid, A, E, K and C plus primary minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper and more. 

The Ultimate Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Single Serving Recipe for 1 person makes about 12 oz.

1/4   Banana

1/2C  Fresh fruits berries, grapes, kiwi, some pineapple or 1 orange or ...

1/2C  Natural frozen fruits, no sugar added or more fresh fruits. 

Optional:  a few unsalted nuts and seeds

1/2C  Natural Juice, not from concentrate, no sugar added adjust for desired consistency and texture

The Ultimate Smoothie Needs Plant Sourced Herbal Rocket Fuel

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Healthy regards,

Diane McLaren

P.S. Thank you for allowing me to share this issue with you.  

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