April 2008

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Putting Health And Wellness In Context

Diane McLaren of Healthy You Naturally

5th article in the series Steps To Wellness.
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04-2008 Putting Health And Wellness In Context

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” - Virginia Woolf

Setting Expectations and Building Trust

I've been asked by so many people over the past years "how do you approach natural healing, health and wellness counselling" that this month I thought I'd give you a few insights into the approach that has proven successful for me and so many of my clients over the past 14 years.

Let’s begin by putting good health in context.  In very simple terms, I believe we are not wired for the life we live today!

For the past 10,000 years of modern human evolution, in just 1% of that time, about the last 100 years, we’ve seen our knowledge, technology and conveniences advance at astounding speeds,  yet our body's basic physiological needs remain essentially identical to those of our distant ancestors. 

A few sobering facts on modern western health that may be startling to some:

  • Type 2 Diabetes crisis has doubled in the just the past 5 years (WHO)
  • A weight crisis where 2 in 3 range from over weight to obese (WHO)
  • 50 years ago under 10% of the population suffered from herniations of the colon - today it's a majority at crisis level (Merck Manual)
  • 30 years ago colorectal cancer was almost unknown, today it is the single most prevalent cancer among men and women
  • Asthma has increased 75% in the past 20 years (CDC)
  • The AMA reported 2 million drug reaction annually with 100,000 being fatal making prescription drugs the fourth leading cause of death in America. That number excludes people given the wrong drugs or drug combinations and the FDA estimates only 1% of adverse drug reactions are reported.
  • In the past 50 years the nutrient quality of our foods consumption has dramatically declined with the ample supply of highly refined foods - over 85% of all 'food' products in a typical modern grocery Store are processed.

This is not an attack on the many excellent medical doctors in the health care field, but it is an observation on the western reliance on drugs designed to manage symptoms which appears to be failing dismally; and with more food products available than at any time in history, we are slowly starving our bodies.

My personal experiences forced me to try then fully embrace alternative options.

There Has To Be An Alternative

A holistic approach to health can satisfy fundamental human needs

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If we can agree that the human body requires certain conditions similar to the basis of 99% of its recent evolution, I always begin by setting people’s expectations to get the level of understanding needed to accomplish good lasting results.

When someone describes their symptoms to me, I ask how long they’ve had the symptom(s), how severe they are and how frequently they occur. 

I’ll quietly listen and take notes as they describe, usually in great detail, all the symptoms and related challenges they've been experiencing.

Once I'm clear on their concerns, I ask them, “So, it has been going for a while, then?” and the usual answer is yes.

Then I’ll ask if it’s been 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, etc. and typically, by the time they have found me, it’s usually been a problem for quite some time so I’ll ask them… “Does it seem reasonable that you will get rid of your symptoms in 1 week?  - They say “no”.  “Does it seem reasonable that you will get rid of your symptoms in 2 weeks? They again say “no”.

I’ll then ask, which one of these makes more sense to you?

1.      that healing will happen overnight or

2.      that healing will also take some time

Most people take the second choice

So I’ll then say to them, “So you won’t call me next week to say those herbs or that natural healing technique does not work will you?”

I am setting, (or more correctly) re-setting peoples realistic expectations and …

  • I tell them “I don’t know how long it will take them to achieve their goals because it depends on a  number of factors, including how much they’re willing to do”
  • I also tell them that “if they commit for just 90 days, they will see significant improvements and we can then re-evaluate … does that sound reasonable?” 

Most do agree.

  • I point out that “I do NOT promise you will be perfect in 3 months, but I know that there will enough improvements that you will want to continue.” 
  • I then tell them “we’ll need to work together, meaning they keep me posted because I do not have a crystal ball and we do not want to delay the healing.”
  • When they agree to all this, I know they have understood the approach and are prepared to move forward on their program. 

I understand a natural approach to health does not appeal to everyone so when someone disagrees at this point, and until they understand that I will not be simply masking symptoms as pharmaceutical solutions attempt to do, there is little chance for their personal success naturally.

I've found the key to helping people is to help them understand my approach, the process of assessment and analysis, the reasons for my recommendations and the partnership I propose.

I always validate at each step in a program to ensure my clients are both agreeable to the process and prepared to continue. 

There is no magic pill so whole foods and properly selected herbs are not magic either but they are nutrient dense elixirs that build, strengthen and nurture a body to health and promote long-term wellness.

Keeping It Slow and Simple (KISS) For Success

I like to Keep It Slow and Simple (KISS) for most people.

I NEVER introduce all dimensions of my system at the same time because through early experience, I discovered most people got overwhelmed, thought the effort was too great and never came back … so what could I accomplish for people with that approach? 

The fact is, very few of us are good at making big changes in our lives … then actually sticking with them.  Health is a journey, not a destination - so keeping it slow and simple, builds trust, confidence (and avoids scaring new clients away.) 

I tell people we’ll take it one step at a time … we will start with what is most important to them and adjust as we go.

Most people discover that when they break a large task or problem down into smaller elements, they’re able to “see” the individual steps, take the actions and see the results more easily. 

Seek Advice And Guidance That Supports Your Goals

Consider booking an in-office or by-phone consultation with me to gain a deeper understanding of your current state of health and find out how easily you could improve and achieve your goals or great health and wellness. 

I  invite you to discover just how effective and rewarding a natural approach to health can be. 

Healthy regards,

Diane McLaren

P.S. Thank you for allowing me to share this issue with you.  

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