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Liquid Chlorophyll Supplement in Canada

Chlorophyll has been called “Liquid Sunshine” because it absorbs energy from the sun.

Out of a number of known plants, 260,000 are classified as higher plants, which means they contain chlorophyll and perform a process called photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, plants utilize the energy provided by sunlight to manufacture carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water.

All the members of the higher plant group have the potential to offer health benefits. Only 10 percent, however, have actually been studied for this purpose.

What is chlorophyll

Chlorophyll, the green matter in plants, is found abundantly in nature. Through the process of photosynthesis, chlorophyll harnesses the sun’s energy in order to perform various metabolic functions.

When humans and other animals eat plant chlorophyll, they also benefit from this energy.

Scientists have discovered that chlorophyll is molecularly very similar to the red pigment in the human blood cell.

In fact, the only difference is that the human red pigment has a central atom of iron, while the plant green pigment (chlorophyll) has magnesium as the central atom.

This discovery has led to the use of chlorophyll as a health-enhancing nutritional supplement with many benefits.

What are the top benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

Gentle, refreshing, pleasant light spearmint taste and full of goodness – make high quality Chlorophyll by NSP part of your daily nutritional program and experience the benefits of nature’s green sunshine.

  • Sourced from nature's amazing Alfalfa plant
  • Defends Against Free Radicals and Toxins
  • Helps promote the natural blood-cleansing functions of the body
  • Strengthens cells and promotes a strong immune response
  • Revitalizes the vascular System
  • Enhances digestion and energy as it supports the intestinal system
  • Deodorizes the body, including the bowel
  • Brightens Complexion

Positive health impacts of daily liquid chlorophyll use

Twice daily use of liquid chlorophyll added to your normal hydration has noticeable impacts on your health, all of them positive.  Our Chlorophyll is available in 3 formats: Sm/Lg liquid and capsules ...

Builds a High Blood Count

Counteracts Toxins Eaten

Cleans and deodorizes Bowel Tissues

Aids Hepatitis

Regulates Menstruation

Improves Blood Sugar Problems (diabetes)

Increases Iron Content in Milk

Helps Sores Heal Faster

Resists Bacteria in Wounds

Improves Nasal Drainage

Lessens need for Underarm Deodorizers

Relieves Sore Throat

Benefits Inflamed Tonsils

Soothes Painful Hemorrhoids and Piles

Revitalizes Vascular System in the Legs

Boosts immune system

Provides increased energy


Provides Iron to Organs

Improves Anemic Conditions

Helps Purify the Liver

Feeds Heart Tissues Iron

Aids Hemophilia Condition

Aid in Asthma Improvement

Improves Milk Production

Adresses Body Odors

Cleans Tooth and Gum Structure in Pyorrhea

Slows Nasal Drip

Eliminates Bad Breath

Makes Excellent Tooth Surgery Gargle

Soothes Ulcer Tissues

Aids Catarrhal Discharges

Aids digestive and intestinal disorders

Antioxidant properties


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