Natural Health Programs With Nutrition

Get a natural health program through our holistic health consultation for simple, effective nutritional solutions unique to your needs & programs you can live with

Natural Health Programs With Nutrition

Natural health & nutrition programs begin with an initial consultation designed to assess root-cause conditions leading to the design the right personalized nutritional health program.

Every holistic health consultation is about finding simple, effective nutrition based solutions unique to your needs ... solutions you can live with. 

The initial appointment involves establishing a baseline (the reference points) in terms of your current and past health conditions as the basis for developing a personalized natural health & nutrition program.

Consultations that result in the right program

Our focus is always about recommending holistic nutrition based solutions that naturally address client needs e.g. address current concerns and/or optimizing the overall state of wellness naturally.  We are definitely not a one-size fits all solution service.

The initial consultation follows this holistic methodology:

  • Introduction to the balanced body systems approach
  • Review of current symptoms and/or issues and goals
  • Review of current & past medical history plus medications
  • Analysis of lifestyle choices, nutrition and dietary levels and habits
  • Assess for root cause conditions to understand what's happening in the body
  • Discussion of personal issues and goals
  • Design of the most appropriate natural health program

Natural programs that get you healthy

Most people want their initial holistic health consultation to tell them what's going on in their body and what they can do to restore and maintain a level of health and vitality that they may not have experienced for a very long time.  Our personalized natural health programs are based exclusively on individual needs and objectives.

All holistic health consultations are provided by our Natural Health Practitioner and her team of natural health practitioners Follow-up appointments, if appropriate, are discussed as part of the initial assessment and program. 

We'll help you get from wherever you are today, to where you want to be, safely and with a natural health plan designed to support long-term health maintenance. 

We welcome your inquiry.