Natural Holistic Healing

Holistic healing by our gifted natural health practitioners in Ontario has helped many people experience remarkable results naturally, since 1994

Natural Holistic Healing

A holistic approach to healing has solid foundations dating back to ancient times and our gifted natural healing practitioners uses modern science based nutrition & herbs to develop personalized programs. 

Countless studies have validated fundamental links between the ability of the body to heal and experience wellness to the state of mind.  The intent and beliefs a person has, in context to any given situation, are immense and significant influencers on the physical body.


A natural healing practitioner understands holistic healing as a blend of mind, body & spirit to help people achieve effective, natural healing, with lasting results

  • With holistic healing, the mind, body & spirit are integral units of our "whole self" and in addressing an illness or wellness, all 3 must be involved. 
  • Healing therefore involves not only the physical elements of the body, it must include the conscious & sub-conscious mind if lasting results are to be achieved.

If this all sounds too hard or too much effort, rest assured our holistic approach to natural healing and wellness is kept very much down to earth. We keep it simple, tell you why, then explain exactly what you need to do.

Healing begins with you

Healing truly begins with your conscious choice to be well then seek out and follow the guidance of a qualified practitioner who can assess and recommend your program.  You are part of the natural healing equation ...

Nutritional Medicine vs. Western Medicine

Our natural healing services and holistic healing approach to wellness includes the mind, body and spirit as a whole which is in stark contrast to the current western allopathic approach that tends to largely focus on treating symptoms, one at a time. 

Nutritional Medicine vs. Western Medicine
  • In many cases, western treatments are so focused on individual body parts or symptoms that in prescribing medications to suppress one set of symptoms, new issues are created that can aggravate conditions.
  • Holistic healing or whole body approach through a natural healing services approach can strengthen the body and reduce the need for western medicine's selective approach.  Under no circumstances will we ever suggest discontinuing doctor prescribed medications.  Seek your doctor's permission.
  • Your doctor will not be angry with you if you arrive for your appointment in better health than your previous visit!

A whole body solution

From the first conscious choice to the persistence of intent and action, a natural state of health & well-being is available to everyone. Our holistic healer is a registered nutritionist and certified iridologist with almost 20 years of natural healing experience and she is available to help you address personal health and wellness needs. 

We invite your inquiry.