Healthier Through Holistic Programs


To A Healthier You - a Holistic Health Care Program shows you how and we support you with the knowledge, inspiration and motivation to succeed.

Wellness programs for the entire family!

Our holistic health programs represent an ideal opportunity for people to experience exceptional improvements not only in their health, in your ability to enjoy everything life has to offer you.

When you succeed, we succeed, and because your good referral is the mainstay of our success, we have a vested interest in doing whatever it takes to assist you in achieving your goals. 

Our ethics and  core values ...

You Are Never Abandoning Western Solutions

When you are adopting holistic health care programs, you are not abandoning modern western medicine as much as you are taking personal responsibility and significant steps that will help you strengthen your body to a level of health that minimizes its need.

Holistic Programs Optimized Just For You

Appointment options range from a single initial appointment that lays out a plan to a complete 12-month progressive program for a total health make-over. 

Holistic health care programs are optimized just for you, in any reasonable time frame that suites your needs.  The most typical program time frame selected by our client is a 90 day program.  Beginning with your initial consultation, you receive a totally individualized natural health program plan that uniquely targets your very specific health objectives and needs. 

As your health improves over time, your progress is reviewed and adjusted until you reach a stage where you can adopt a self guided daily preventative program without need for further coaching support.

What Does Good Health Look Like To You

Our recommended approach is to suggest a program period that spans an initial period of 90-days. It's widely agreed that people recognize, understand, and can successfully adopt reasonable incremental changes in this time frame.

Following a natural health program (or when making any change) in small steps is the most successful method to achieving goals. You learn to put new skills on auto-pilot so they stay with you for a lifetime.  Our approach is intentionally slowed a bit, though results can and often do happen quickly, depending your unique situation.

We will normally include recommendations on a short term approach to nutrient rich food supplementation (based again on your stated goals) to compliment your diet and speed healing of any weakened body systems. 

Each body and it's systems are unique so the speed of healing e.g. strengthening and rebalancing body systems to maintaining your new found good health, will depend largely on you and the speed at which you are willing to travel.

Understand we are not temporarily masking your symptoms, we deal with the cause of the symptoms so healing takes place.  In most cases your situation happened slowly, over time so helping your body systems to regain normal function takes time too.

Helping People Since 1994

Since 1994, we've been successfully delivering holistic health care counselling programs that feature guidance and support.

  • We help people who want safe, rapid, effective and simple alternatives to help them address their often complex and long suffering health and wellness needs.
  • We help healthy people wanting preventative health solutions to stay healthy
  • We help fit people wanting to optimize their performance and endurance

All of our clients find a lot to like in our holistic approach to health and wellness.  After all, we all have something in common: we all want to feel good, look great and live long.

We invite your inquiry.