Lifestyle Analysis Quiz Blueprint Of Your Health



Forget about the bottles and boxes in a shotgun approach to your health and give yourself a break!  Do the personalized lifestyle analysis quiz for a blueprint of your health for an excellent overview of what's happening in your body. 

  • The lifestyle analysis quiz covers all 9 body systems and gives you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each vital body system. 

Answered all the questions honestly then click the link Blueprint Of Your Health Result at the bottom of this page to get your report. 


Lifestyle Analysis & Blueprint Questionnaire

  Check each question if it applied over the past 3 months.
General weakness or low energy 3 or more times a week?
Sick often or have a tendency to quickly catch cold or flu when it's going around?
Frequently have body odour or bad breath?
Sick often or have a tendency to quickly catch cold or flu when it's going around?
Consume red meat more than once a week?
Symptoms of PMS (female) / Prostate/Urinary problems (male)?
Used antibiotics in last six months?
4 or more alcoholic beverages per week?
Have mood swings more than 3 times a week?
Have some food allergies?
Have dark circles under the eyes?
Do you smoke?
Poor concentration or memory?
Less than 2 bowel movements a day?
Belching, burping or gas after meals?
Lifestyle is high stress?
Have skin or complexion problems?
Have cravings for sweets, salts, processed foods?
Consume any dairy products 5 or more times a week?
Often feel depressed?
Have less than 8 hrs. of sleep, restless sleep or wake often?
Have fingernails easily broken?
Does your hair have split ends?
Have a high fat or high cholesterol diet?
Frequently experience nervousness and/or anxiety?
Do you have a low fibre diet?
Do you have muscle cramps?
Live within 30 minutes of a city?
Experience sleepiness when sitting?
Consume more than 1 coffee/tea a day?
Feel your life is out of control?
Have any chemical sensitivities?
Have yeast and/or fingernail/toenail fungus problems?
Have a structural weakness?
Do you think that you worry a lot?
Are you easily irritated?
Exercise less than 3 times a week for 30 minutes/session?
Excessive mucus, blowing nose frequently?
Do you frequently have diarrhea?


Congratulations, you've almost finished the quiz!  

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This quiz is anonymous, no record is kept of the results.


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Personalized Lifestyle Quiz Health Blueprint Report  
Your Personal Lifestyle Analysis Results:   Weighting used to calculate your results:  
Body Systems Score Your Results   Excellent Good Fair Poor  
Digestive   0-1 2-3 4-5 6+  
Intestinal   0-1 2-3 4-5 6+  
Circulatory   0 1 2-3 4+  
Nervous   0-1 2-3 4-5 6+  
Immune   0-1 2-3 4-5 6+  
Respiratory   0 1 2-3 4+  
Urinary   0 1 2-3 4+  
Glandular   0-1 2-3 4-6 7+  
Structural   0 1 2-3 4+  


Scoring Explanation:


Excellent Congratulations! You are leading a lifestyle that will maximize your health and well-being. A maintenance program is suggested.  
Good Your lifestyle/diet profile appears to be sound, but do consider some changes.  A consultation might be a good idea.  
Fair Lifestyle and/or dietary changes are recommended to improve your general health.  A short program can get you back on track.  
Lifestyle and dietary changes should be made immediately.  A full consultation should be considered to assess your current lifestyle, dietary choices and develop a plan to naturally improve your health.

What To Do Now  
Review your results and note the ones you plan to focus your attention on. You'll be most successful when you work on just one element at a time.  If you're not sure how to begin, consider booking a consultation with our Wellness Coach.  

Find out if a Wellness Coach is right for you
Complete your contact info, send the report then let's talk about your next step.  We'll set up a time/day to call and you can determine if Diane's approach would work for you.  No obligations or cost; appointments can be made anytime.