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Reflexology Charts

High Quality Reflexology Hand & Foot Charts + Books are available in Canada.  Purchase in class, or call for special order. 

We're pleased to offer high quality Reflexology hand Charts, Reflexology Foot Charts and Reflexology Foot/Hand Wallet sized cards at terrific prices plus Canada Post Shipping.

Reflexology Foot Chart

Reflexology Charts & Posters

  • Reflexology Foot Chart, Poster 22x31, laminated
  • Reflexology Hand Chart, Poster 22x31, laminated
  • Reflexology Hand Charts, Hand + Foot Poster Set,
    24x36, laminated
  • Reflexology Hand/Foot Wallet reference card set of 10
  • Reflexology Notebook Chart  Set 8.5x11

Reflexology Books & Related Texts

Reflexology Foot Care
  • Reflexology Book, Stories The Feet Can Tell
  • Reflexology Book, Better Health with Foot Reflexology
  • Reflexology and Associated Aspects of Health- A Practitioners Guide
  • Anatomy and Pathology: Anatomical Charts - 5th Edition, 10x12, 55 Pages
  • A-Z Anatomy and Physiology Workbook, self-teaching
  • FOOT! Care, Prevention and Treatment (200 photos)

Hand & Foot Care

Hand & Foot Pain Eraser
  • Foot Roller (Red)
  • Foot & Hand Pain Ease Ball (Blue)

Please call for more on reflexology charts or training.