Iridology Practitioner Course 1

Teaches students essential Iridology assessment skills and private practice training that's tightly integrated throughout the 3 day course.

Iridology Practitioner Course 1
Iridology Practitioner Course 1
The Iridology Practitioner 3 Day Course teaches students core Iridology analysis skills that expands their roles as nutritionists or alternative health practitioners plus private practice training that's tightly integrated throughout the course.

TheIridology Practitioner Course is for nutritionists, herbalists, natural/alternative health practitioners and others interested in developing a sustainable private practice based on client focused strategies, and natural healing therapies.

Prerequisite: Herbal Practitoiner Course ...

The Iridology Practitioner picks up where the Wellness Intensive's natural healing & herbal practitioner training course left off adding:

- Iridology training as an assessment modality
- In-depth applications of herbs & nutrition as natural medicines
- Integrating Eastern & Western philosophies into a holistic approach
- Client testing and assessment techniques including muscle testing
- Client program structures, development and follow-up
- Managing client appointments and expectations
- Client care and retention, the foundation of a successful private practice

Download the Iridology Practitioner Course TOC (PDF 106K) ...

Pre-requisite: Herbal Practitioner 2-Day Course

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