Herbal Practitioner Course Level 1

Attend this 2 day natural healing & herbal practitioners training course on the body systems method of assessment & healing with nutrition & herbs

Herbal Practitioner Course Level 1
Herbal Practitioner Course Level 1
Healthy living in the 21st Century can be complex, hectic and confusing, yet in just 2 days, The Herbal Practitioner Course introduces herbal practitioner's natural healing techniques in a fun, informative training course.

Great for people interested in learning about natural health and perfect for nutritionists or alternative health practitioners to expand their knowledge and skills

Students learn the fundamentals of the holistic 'body systems method' of health analysis and the core strategies of herbal practitioner's natural healing & health prevention through foods and herbs.

Learn how to correctly assess your own needs, or those of others, then learn to identify and select the most appropriate nutrition and nutrient dense herbs that can address a wide range of common health concerns and speed healing naturally.  This an information packed, fun and provocative natural health training course that helps everyone make sense of it all.

Download the Wellness Intensive Course Manual for the herbal practitioner - TOC (137K, pdf) ...

Q. Who is this course for? 
A. Everyone with a thirst for knowledge, an appetite for wellness and a love of living!

We recommend registration 3-4 weeks in advance of the date.
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Cost: $397.00
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