Licorice Extract Liq Herbal Supplement (59 mL)

Licorice liquid herbs is used in many Chinese herbal combinations to balance the herbs and promote vitality as it nutritionally supports the glandular system

Licorice Extract Liq Herbal Supplement (59 mL)
Licorice Extract Liq Herbal Supplement (59 mL)
Herbal Supplement
Glandular System
Classification: Bitter herb

The Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Hindus are among the world’s cultures that have added to the long history of licorice. It grows wild in southern and central Europe and is extensively cultivated in Russia, Spain, Iran and India.

Licorice was so valued in ancient Egypt that even King Tutankhamen was buried with a supply. Licorice is widely used as a flavouring, not only for candy (although most modern licorice candies are flavoured with anise) but also in cough drops, syrups, tonics and laxatives.

It flavours certain kinds of beer, frozen dairy desserts, gelatins, puddings and meat products. The sweet root can be chewed as a special treat.

Licorice is included in most Chinese herb combinations to balance the other herbs and to promote vitality. It nutritionally supports the glandular system and is a source of magnesium, silicon and thiamine.

Label Description:
Liquid Herbs

Recommended Usage:
Take 1/2 teaspoonful (2.5 mL) three times daily, with water.

This product contains pure extract of licorice root, with water and alcohol.

Keep out of the reach of children. This is not a beverage. Use only as directed.
Do not consume Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) if you are experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure without first consulting your health care provider.

Miscellaneous Information:
Contains 15% Alcohol
Cost: $30.86

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