Herbal Calcium Magnesium + D (200)

Nutritonal health supplement calcium, magnesium & vitamin D for healthy bones, teeth, muscles and an essential role in blood clotting & nerve health

Herbal Calcium Magnesium + D (200)
Herbal Calcium Magnesium + D (200)
Nutritional Health Supplement
Structural/Nervous Systems

Calcium is essential to the health of bones, teeth and muscles, and plays an essential role in blood clotting and nerve health. Magnesium activates more than 300 enzymes in the body and, with calcium, affects nerve and muscle functions. Receiving adequate calcium is important to prevent osteoporosis.

Calcium and magnesium have a natural affinity and when ingested together in proper proportion, they are utilized more efficiently by the body. Vitamin D is also an important co-factor in the utilization of calcium and helps increase intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Label Description:
Vitamin D & Phosphorus

Recommended Usage:
Take one tablet with a meal three times daily.

Each tablet supplies:
Calcium (phosphate, citrate, amino acid chelate) 250 mg
Magnesium (amino acid chelate, magnesium oxide) 125 mg
Phosphorus (calcium phosphate) 100 mg
Vitamin D3 133 IU
In a non-medicinal base containing alfalfa herb.
Cost: $29.50

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