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Wellness Programs can boost workplace bottom lines using employee wellness programs and strategies to reduce absence & improve productivity

Workplace Wellness Programs

Today, savvy business leaders rely on sound strategies for improving productivity that directly and positively influence their bottom line. Addressing the well-being of their most important asset, their employees, represents a key strategic advantage for many companies.

Absenteeism and the recognition of presenteeism not only has significant and detrimental impact on business productivity, it places considerable strain on any organization’s ability to meet customer commitments and expectations.

Fact: Healthy employees deliver better results

Traditionally, employee initiatives have focused on physical safety and investments in comprehensive medical plans which largely address symptoms of illness. Recently there has been a focus on lifestyle related practices such as workplace wellness, nutrition and ergonomics e.g. the study of how a workplace and the equipment used there can best be designed for comfort, safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Despite the focus on workplace ergonomics, the single most influential aspect on an employee and their ability to perform optimally is good nutrition.

ROI: healthy employees = tangible returns

  • Reduced Turnover ► Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Improved Productivity ► Reduced Absenteeism & Presenteeism
  • Customer Satisfaction ► Improved Customer Retention & Value

There is growing interest in an aspect of employee well-being which doesn't have to be costly, time consuming or complicated.  That is a recognition of the strong link between nutrition and lifestyle choices on employee’s overall mental acuity, daily physical performance and longevity.

With the modernization and graying of the workforce, employees are becoming increasingly aware of these influences on their health and performance in the workplace.  Employers are also noticing that a neglect of this aspect has a detrimental impact on business performance. 

We deliver wellness solutions that enhance individual performance and translate to team results.

Reality Check! We are what we eat.

The natural approach to health is preventative in nature and contributes to every individual’s ability to achieve overall health through practical education and access to skilled, knowledgeable and certified nutritionists. 

With a strong sense of responsibility to ethics, experience and a real concern for employees, employers can take advantage of:

  • Education ► Balanced bodies are good for business
  • Nutritional Planning ► Getting it right with the 80/20 rules
  • Weight Management ► Attain & maintain body-weight

A natural approach begins with education and can contribute to your employees and companies overall performance   If that is of interest, we would be pleased to discuss how we could contribute to your broader efforts that educate, assist and support your employees well-being. 

Beginnings: Lunch & learn educational series

We offer lunch & learn talks on a variety of topics and optionally more in-depth programs that include regular seminars for your employees.  These sessions are stimulating, thought-provoking and beneficial to anyone with an interest in optimizing their state of well-being.

The nutritional approach is preventative in nature and can contribute significantly to any individual with an interest in achieving overall health through practical education and guidance.

Natural Health Education

Presentations are flexible and can be oriented to meet most needs and objectives.  In one, or a series of talks, we can introduce, educate and discuss:

  • The Simple Body Systems Approach to natural health
  • Nutrition, food sources and why it’s vital to our well-being
  • Having fun with the 80/20 rule of nutrition
  • Illness prevention and the intestinal/digestive system
  • Addressing stress for energy and concentration
  • Healthy weight and a balanced body
  • Immunity, our key defense
  • Using whole herbs for whole people
  • Hydration and its effects on health
  • Dr. Mom - Dr. Dad addressing life's everyday needs
  • Prevention is the key to good health!
  • Weight management, finally
  • Programs from $495

Finally, should your employees elect to address their health concerns naturally exclusive of insurance benefits, we can discuss a company based employee savings program exclusive of employer benefits programs.  Our services may be claimed under "Registered Nutritionists, Nutrition Services".

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