Healthy Eating and Nutrition Plans

Healthy eating & nutrition plans for women and men focus on helping you learn how eating healthy foods delivers exceptional health and it’s great for children

Healthy Eating and Nutrition Plans

To develop the most appropriate nutrition plan fully of health foods to eat, our nutritionists conduct in-depth assessments to identify your current state of health. We'll analyze your diet, nutrition and lifestyle so you get a nutrition plan tailored to how you live your life, not the other way around.

An initial nutrition plan assessment results in a personalized plan focused on eating healthy foods that help you strengthen your resistance to illness without turning your world upside down.

Nutrition quality declining

Begin by identifying your specific needs then we'll show you how healthy eating habits still leave room for all the fun foods

Why are nutrition assessments needed?  It used to be the everyday foods we consumed contained all the essential nutrients necessary to maintain a reasonable degree of good health. 

While there was room for improvement in nutrient dense food availability, as a population, we were generally not overweight, allergies and food sensitivities were rare, and fatigue came from a good days effort.

Once upon a time ...

  • The water we consumed was just water - not chemically enriched!
  • The food we enjoyed grew in the ground - not an assembly line!
  • We prepared our own foods - now it's a chemists idea of food!
  • Eating out was a luxury - now a home cooked meal is the luxury!
  • Once upon a time we could pronounce what we were eating - now we have nutrition labels that can at best be very confusing and at their worst, seriously misleading on contents, and benefits!
  • More on nutrition labels and ingredient information ...

Today we enjoy more luxury than kings and queens of even recent centuries, our standard of living has improved more than at any point in human history and while at the moment we live longer, more and more people are troubled by lingering illnesses and unresolved concerns.

Healthy Eeating Healthy Life

Healthy Eating Healthy Life

A nutrition plan does not have to be complex or tedious and we don't generally recommend menu plans because frankly, few people will take the time to follow them.  To help you develop your own healthy eating plan, we have simple and effective strategies that simplify things. 

  • Lifestyles have changed immensely in the past 150 years and dramatically in the last 40, and with that change has come a growing challenge of how to stay healthy and avoid serious illness in an increasingly complex society. 
  • A nutritional needs assessment will give you a clear understanding of what's happening in your body and a balanced health and nutritional plan that can restore and optimize your health, strengthen your resistance to illness, and do it naturally.

With your personalized health & nutrition plan we also focus on improving your understanding of lifestyle, nutrition, food selections and food combinations & how it affects your body. 

The effects of a balanced, nutrient dense nutrition plan delivers remarkable results in every aspect of your life, we welcome your inquiry.