Nutrition Labels

Even as nutrition labels providing information on nutrition values has increased dramatically, why has western health been declining at an alarming rate

Nutrition Label

Today nutrition labels have become a technology along with food production and food marketing.

Our knowledge of food through nutrition labels, and in particular, the understanding of the  nutrient levels in our food has advanced dramatically in the past 100 years.

Yet with all the scientific knowledge and nutrition labels everywhere, western populations are experiencing an alarming growth in the frequency of illness ranging from weight, fatigue, allergies, food sensitivities, joint pain & digestive disorders to diabetes II, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancers and cardiovascular disease.

These now common diseases (even in our children) were once seen only in the elderly.

We've all seen countless thousands of feel good lifestyle advertisements for

  • Cereals, vitamins, milk, cheese, ready made & frozen entrees, cookies, candies and fast-food restaurants
  • Over the counter (OTC) self-medications for pain, sinus, allergy, cough, cold & flu
  • The ask your doctor ads for prescription drugs promising relief with on-going use, and a long list of serious health risks

When was the last time you saw a lifestyle ad promoting fresh fruits & vegetables?

Little wonder that with all of the processed food and prescription medicine advertisements so many people have health issues.  After all, advertising must work or those companies would not be spending billions on them!

"We are slowly staving on an abundance of nutrient poor foods"

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