Do You Want To Be A Pond Or A River?

Diane McLaren of Healthy You Naturally

3rd article in the series Steps To Wellness.
12-2008 Will What You're Doing Now Work For You?
01-2008 What Wellness Choices Do You Have?
02-2008 Do You Want To Be A Pond Or A River?
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“All the pleasures and riches in the world are insignificant when you do not have your health to enjoy them with, so the choice for health and wellness begins within each of us.”

(Tiao He, Chinese for Harmonious River)

You probably know natural cleansing and detoxification is a normal internal body process.  It's your built-in waste disposal and filtering system that has evolved over thousands of years to ensure your body flushes waste that otherwise would build-up harmful toxicity levels.

In fact, you feel terrific when your body is operating efficiently - lots of energy, focus & clarity, bright eyes, a healthy glow to your skin and you're able to tackle whatever comes your way. 

The natural cleansing actions of your body are constantly processing and eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lymph and skin which is your largest organ.  This is both normal and essential for good health ... well, it's normal when your body organs are operating efficiently!

What You Consume Is Either A Useful Nutrient Or It's Toxic Waste

From your body's point of view, what you consume is either absorbed for nutrients or it's a waste by-product to be eliminated e.g. the body can not process the foreign substances and will attempt to eliminate them. 

If the body can not eliminate the waste, it will find storage places, places that all too often only become obvious over time e.g. months and in many cases years.

Times have changed. Biologically, the human body has not

Hundreds to thousands of years ago, our food selections were limited to what we could locally gather, grow or hunt, but they were all natural and the human body evolved to easily process them, absorb their dense nutrients then regularly eliminate the waste by-products so there was little danger of toxic buildup in the organs.

Today, a majority of people live in cities and are so busy; they can't always eat naturally or perfectly. This speed of life change has fuelled a demand for easily available foods which has resulted in an explosion of highly processed and refined foods. 

Unfortunately, while fast and convenient, consuming those manufactured 'food' products tends to introduce conditions in the body that stretch its ability to naturally cope with the by-products of the manufacturing processes and additives which results in excess waste material that can not absorbed, digested or easily eliminated. 

A considerable amount of waste is generated when you consume processed foods, and if your body is not efficiently eliminating that waste, where is that waste going?

In the 21st Century, few people manage to avoid processed foods, so the challenge in feeding the human body what it really needs lies in selection and moderation. It's in choice.

If your food comes from a box, envelope, bag, can or fast-food restaurant, it's processed and refined with significant levels of sodium, sugars, fats plus a generous mix of synthetic chemical compounds  to add color, flavour, consistency and of course preservatives.   Some more so than others, organics are better, do read the labels and try to ignore the hype & grand claims.

While they may fill you up in a hurry and even taste good (sodium, sugar, fat and synthetics do that), in your body, these 'food' products deliver few nutrients and cause much more waste which over time, results in your organs becoming increasingly weakened and sluggish

Most people consume 3 meals a day.  About 18-24 hours after each meal, it is normal to have a bowel movement and if you don't, your body is accumulating waste and manufacturing harmful toxins. 

Like a stagnant pond, this cumulative effect means your body slowly loses its efficiently and the waste builds toxins which get deposited in your skin (accelerated aging), sub-skin (fat deposits) and organs (illness & disease). 

Did you know those symptoms are not normal at any age?

The good news is that when your body begins to accumulate excessive levels of toxins, it will normally tell you with early warning symptoms like frequent fatigue, listlessness, headaches, joint pain,  aches, bloating, constipation, frequent or constant colds, poor skin, loss of mental clarity, restless sleep and so on.  Left unchecked, the symptoms can intensify leading to illness and dis-ease.

On the other hand, when your body is operating efficiently, like a river, it rewards you with a constant flow of energy, a youthful appearance, crystal clear clarity, feelings of joy and abundance, courage and the zeal to tackle life's challenges and opportunities. 

Wellness is only possible when your body systems are balanced and operating efficiently.

Which approach to health will work best for you, proactive or reactive?

Called preventative health, the most reliable approach to a good state of health is to proactively nurture your body, mind and spirit so it is ready and capable of defending itself effectively.  If you are already in control and responsible for your sate of health today & many tomorrows, congratulations, you are one of a quickly growing number of people!

This is in contrast to the current western approach which is almost entirely reactive in nature e.g. wait for the illness to arrive then treat the symptoms, rarely the cause of them. 

Which method do you think will deliver a better result, and long-term quality of life for you?

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Can I help you be more like a river, than a pond in just 2 or 3 steps?

  1. If you're not feeling and looking your youthful best, regardless of your age (excluding children), it's time for a change and a good, safe place to begin is to use my recommended gentle all natural herbal cleansing & detoxification kit Tiao He over the next 10-15 days.  Tiao He cleanses help your body eliminate toxins by nourishing your digestive, intestinal and circulatory organs so they regain their normal function.  Each time you cleanse and reactivate, lingering symptoms fad while your complexion and vitality improves.  Order Tiao He here ...
  2. While you are completing your Tiao He colon cleanse and body detoxification program, it's a great time to evaluate your diet and lifestyle choices.  Depending on your personal situation, if the symptoms have been with you a long time, the Tiao He Cleanse may need to be repeated 1 or more times, if you're at all unsure, call or write me for advice.

Before you make any changes in your current diet you should understand exactly where you are.  Go out to a local shop and purchase a notepad then begin a 7-day food journal of everything you consume including foods, snacks and fluids. Be honest/ruthless.

Using Your 7-day Journal:  Per day, use the left page for edibles (everything) and right page for fluids (all) and put the date at the top of each.  As you go through the day, also note how you are feeling. In just 1 week you'll have a full journal detailing your nutritional selections.  Next month I'll cover the basics of a healthy diet.

Consider booking an in-office or by-phone consultation with me to gain a deeper understanding of your state of health and determine any additional steps that would help your improve on your current situation. 

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Watch for my next issue where the series continues with a look at refining diets and food selections.

I  invite you to contact me at anytime.

Diane McLaren

P.S. Thank you for allowing me to share this issue with you.   If you or anyone in your family are looking for alternatives in health and well-being, I hope you'll consider contacting me. 

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