Zyto Compass Bio Nutrition Survey

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Zyto Compass Galvanic Response

Compass can help build your Nature's Sunshine business by satisfying your customers need for accurate, professional reports of their requirements & progress.

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Zyto Compass is exclusive medical sourced technology configured for Nature's Sunshine Products independent distributors. It allows you to dramatically expand your business with a tool that delivers highly accurate analysis of a body's nutritional & supplementation needs.

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The Zyto Compass comes loaded with a massive database of body assessment points and is linked to Nature's Sunshine own extensive database of herbal products,


It's easy for you and your clients

  • Place a hand on the Zyto Compass reader
  • Click to run the assessment and just 2 minutes
  • Get a detailed report of recommended products

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How Zyto Compass Bio Communication Technology Works

Review the Zyto Compass instruction video below ...

How Zyto Compass For Nature's Sunshine Works
  1. Computer generated digital signatures representing physical stimuli are sent to the body. These digital stimuli elicit physiological responses from the body, one of which is a change in the conductivity of the skin (GSR). These fluctuations in skin conductivity are measured and sent back to the computer for analysis and interpretation.
  2. The Zyto Compass Hand Cradle Chip Takes conductivity readings from the skin and converts the analog readings to a digital form which is sent to the computer for analysis
  3. Galvanic Skin Response Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin as the body responds to various stimuli. One application of GSR that many people are familiar with is lie-detector testing.
  4. Coherence Patterns Coherence is a state where two or more things exist without conflict. By tracking multiple inputs Zyto Compass technology can calculate shifts in coherence as the body responds to each digital signature. Signatures that create greater coherence than the baseline are given a positive score and signatures creating less coherence than the baseline are given a negative score.
  5. The data received from the hand cradle is plotted and analyzed for coherence. Each response is given a positive or negative score called a Deviation Ratio (dR).
  6. After analyzing the data from the Zyto Compass hand cradle, the computer displays the data in an easy to read graphical interface. The data shows the body’s responses ranked in order of priority. Results are optimized and time is used more efficiently by focusing on the body’s priorities.

Zyto Compass Instruction Video - How it works

Top 5 Zyto Compass Benefits For Nature's Sunshine Distributors

  1. Low cost, high accuracy technology that's gives you a professional edge
  2. Simple 1-2-3 application to analyze, report and recommend Nature's Sunshine Products for clients
  3. Exceptional tool that makes product training a breeze
  4. Very fast startup, just plug it in and begin immediately
  5. Builds returning clients and encourages loyalty, critical to a successful business

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