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Since 1994, Nature's Sunshine Products affordable natural herbal vitamins, minerals & nutrition supplements have been available from Healthy you Naturally, one of Canada’s largest and most respected independent distributors.

And who is Nature's Sunshine?  For starters, Forbes has named Nature's Sunshine Products one of America's most trustworthy companies ...

Nature's Sunshine Canada Information

Unmatched Quality, Potency & Purity

Established in 1972, Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP) invented the encapsulated herb industry and today is a world class manufacturer of premium quality herbal vitamin, mineral and nutritional health supplements recommended by professional health  practitioners in over 40 countries worldwide.

In practice since 1994,  we have standardized on Nature's Sunshine herbal Products and continue to use & recommend them today.  It's the science and quality built into every product that enables us to design programs that measurably help our clients enjoy remarkable results...naturally!

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Natural solutions for naturally great people

Our Program Director and Master Herbalist Diane McLaren, personally uses NSP herbal supplements to maintain good health after they helped her overcome serious health problems in the 1980's.

 Diane's story of overcoming the paralyzing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis ...

"Once people discover Nature's Sunshine Products for their personal health needs, they rarely switch to another brand for 2 very simple reason; 1) the affordable quality and 2) the products consistently and noticeably work.

Notable NSP Company Achievements

Invented the encapsulated herb industry in 1972

Featured in Forbes "Best Businesses"

Showcased by numerous government bodies as state-of-the-art best practice in advanced pharmaceutical grade herbal supplements manufacturing faculties

Self-imposed adherence to a Quality Assurance Program that exceeds every industry standard for raw materials processing, production, distribution and quality

Business Ethics has listed Nature’s Sunshine in its Top 100 Corporate Citizens

Nutritional Outlook magazine named Nature’s Sunshine Manufacturer of the Year for its outstanding quality and manufacturing excellence

Forbes Names Nature’s Sunshine one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies

Canada's Leading Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine Canada's Leading Independent Distributor

Discover what thousands of people have learned about maximizing their health naturally through the professional counselling and guidance of our team of gifted Holistic Health Practitioners specialized in Iridology, Reflexology, Nutrition and of course  Herbs since 1994. About Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres ...

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