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There is never an obligation to make a purchase.  NSP makes exceptional herbal supplements & vitamins and we can sponsor your NSP membership, or you can purchase direct from our clinics. Either way, get exceptional products backed by our support.

3 ways to buy your NSP vitamins, minerals & nutritional health supplements

  1. Drop by our Wellness Centres,  we're got 2 locations.
  2. Visit our Online Store right now where we provide you with an easy shopping experience and a fast, secure checkout.  Delivery by courier averages just a few days in Canada and our shipping cost is just $5.95. 
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Benefits of Nature's Sunshine Herbal Supplements

  • NSP uses only natural plant sourced herbs, carefully selected for raw quality so you can be confident in knowing you are consuming the worlds finest herbal formulations
  • No artificial fillers so all you get are the herbs which means you are not spending your money on fillers
  • Unique herbal formulations developed to ensure they are easily absorbed in your body, not flushed down the drain.
  • Powerful formulations that contain up to 10% more herbal potency to ensure full labeled potency even through the label expiry date as opposed to most manufactures label that declare potency at time of manufacturing.
    • Why 10% Extra? Herbs naturally and gradually lose potency following the manufacturing, storage, shipping, shelf-time to consumer and NSP compensates for this reality so its customers receive full value, plus.
  • Statements like good manufacturing practices are misleading and should never be confused with the much more elaborate pharmaceutical grade of manufacturing standards which Nature's Sunshine adheres to.

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Why Use Natures Sunshine Products

  •  NSP has the depth, breadth and consistent quality across its product line
  •  NSP has the experience and expertise of its research and science teams
  •  NSP owns its high end pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facilities
  • NSP sets the standards of exceptional end-to-end quality assurance programs
  •  NSP over-engineering of products to exceed potency through expiration dates
  •  NSP management style of integrity, clarity and people centric
  •  NSP focus in the niche market of professional practitioners and consultants
  •  NSP decision to avoid mass-marketing to focus on innovation, quality & value

Good reasons to choose any company, good reasons to retain that company and solid grounds to recommend Nature's Sunshine Products to you and your family.

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