Weight Loss Vitamins in Canada

The idea that there are such things as weight loss vitamins in Canada must have come from the marketing laboratories of some company. Sorry to break the news!

Weight Loss Vitamins

The question might better be phrased as, "is there any such thing as weight loss vitamins in Canada, or anywhere"?  By now you probably know the answer is no!

However, vitamins are critical to every process in the body and without them, the tissues and organs of the body start to break down and if the deficiency is not revered, leads to disease. 

  • The body has a number of built-in alarm bells that have nothing to do with weight loss vitamins but a lot to do with the lack of vitamins. 
  • These early warnings include fatigue, weight gain, poor digesting function, headaches and susceptibility to colds and such.

Vitamins and trace minerals are vital during weight loss

Vitamins and trace minerals are vital for absolutely every normal body function but they do not directly help accelerate weight loss.  When referring to weight loss vitamin, what we are really referring to are the vitamins that support body function during a weight loss program

So while there are no weight loss vitamins specifically for weight loss, many can indirectly help you achieve that goal. There are several vitamins that you must make sure you get enough of to keep your body functioning in top condition and make sure your fat burning efforts are not thwarted by poor nutrition.

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