Weight Loss Management in Ontario

Adult weight loss management problems in Ontario have ongoing studies, yet weight loss management remains a critical health issue ... why?

Weight Loss Management

No single issue or event has been identified as the direct cause of the weight loss management crisis in Ontario, but experts have conclusively determined that a number of factors have contributed to the growing problem that now affects not only adults, but our children.

Sedentary Lifestyles

As the population in Ontario has moved from farming to industrial to being and information-based society, jobs have become much more sedentary, often involving little physical activity beyond the effort that it takes to tap a keyboard.

And with many Ontario communities and neighborhoods in the sub-burbs designed more for transportation by car than for walking and biking, we're spending more and more time in a seated, sedentary position.

Sedentary lifestyles have been associated with a host of physical problems and health concerns, and have been identified as a prime suspect in the increasing prevalence of weight loss management issues among Canadians.

Poor Diet

It should probably not be a surprise that increases in the sales of fast foods and prepackaged meals has occurred during a time when we are also having greater difficulty keeping their weight loss management issues under control.

A high-calorie, high-fat diet significantly increases the likelihood that a person will develop weight loss management issues. When this type of an unhealthy diet is consumed by a person who is living a sedentary lifestyle, the likelihood of weight management issues is greatly increased.

Personal Responsibility

The human body evolved over a period of 10's of thousands of years and for the most part, whole foods and exercise played a key daily role is our development and evolutions. 

Today the human body still requires those 2 key attributes yet with the growth of cities and manufactured foods, we have less access so it is up to us as individuals to take responsibility for weight loss management in our daily lives.

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