How To Lose Weight

If you find yourself wondering how to lose weight, the answer on how to lose it then maintain it does not have to be slow or difficult

How To Lose Weight

You have a goal living in Canada, it may be to run a marathon, to lose the baby fat following child birth, to scale a mountain or perhaps you simply want to feel more healthy about yourself and have recognized the effects excess weight has on your health. 

No matter the reason, how to lose weight becomes the next step in your plan.  There are countless books that tell you how to lose weight, almost as many diets that promise they have the best solution on how to lose weight and then your friends have their own ideas on how to lose weight. 

Survival mode & weight gain

Of course dramatically reducing your eating habits (calories) is a common answer on how to lose weight but there are limitations because at some point the body will automatically switch to survival mode and that could actually reverse the weight loss results resulting in weight gain.

Lean muscle loss with weight loss diets

Another problem with most calorie reduced diets is they do not protect lean muscle tissue so your body shape withers away, you lose skin tone and become susceptible to low energy, cravings and sometimes colds because the body lacks adequate nutrients and of course, you can only follow it for so long.  After stopping the diet, the short term weight loss results are almost always followed by weight gain.  If you've paid for the diet, and regained the weight, that is unfortunate!

For the past several years we have offered a well respected, science based, short-term solution based on maintaining daily nutritional values (vitamins & minerals), protecting lean muscle tissue (body shape and skin tone) with lifestyle and nutrition education to ensure people not only know how to lose weight, they know how to maintain their weight when the program ends.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program, a  Mississauga program with long-lasting results ...  

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