How Can I Lose Weight

How can I lose weight is a question too many ask at one time or another and the answers depend on the reasons and of course the method.

How Can I Lose Weight

What do you mean the reasons ... I just asked how do I lose weight in Mississauga and expect there must be a straight forward answer.  

If you stop eating, that will help you lose weight.  The problem is you will get sick, lose your muscle tone and it's unlikely you can stay on that kind of diet long meaning you'll regain it all.

You can just reduce your eating habits though after a bit of weight loss the body may jump into its survival mode and store things up, that means your weight goes up!

So when you ask yourself how can I lose weight:

  • be very clear on why you want to lose weight
  • look for a program with proven long term results e.g. a program that does not have an annual membership because for heavens sake, why would you possibly need a membership to lose weight. 
  • look for a program that includes lifestyle and nutrition education so you'll understand how to maintain your weight when you complete the program
  • look for a program that is focused on the causes of weight gain and has a protocol that specifically uses your bodies natural ability to burn fat without muscle loss
  • Look for a program that includes a normal dietary level of nutrients (vitamins & minerals)
  • Look for a coach that knows nutrition, not just read about it or attended a 2 or 3 day workshop, they are the people you will depend on for advice and coaching
  • Consider the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program in Mississauga ...

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