Herbs & Vitamins

Today in Canada, natural herbs & vitamins play an important role in both natural healing and maintaining an optimum level of health & wellness

Herbs & Vitamins

Natural Herbs & Vitamins in Canada are usually safe and have few side effects. In fact, there is not a single documented case in Canada, at least since confederation in 1867, where herbs & vitamins have contributed to death. 

This cannot be said about todays prescription medicines that regularly are found to be a cause of death as reported by The Los Angeles Times in Sept. 27, 2011, it found that prescription drugs are responsible for thousands of deaths annually. In fact, the Los Angeles Times found that drug deaths now outnumber those killed in traffic accidents in the US, Canada likely is similar.

Supplementing your nutrition

If you are considering supplementing your nutrition and exercise program with herbs & vitamins talk to your practitioner. Some herbs & vitamins can have severe interactions with prescription drugs and may also cause bad reactions in people with some health conditions.

Your practitioner will be able to tell you if the herbs & vitamins may be beneficial to your situation and guide you in the right direction to purchasing high quality whole plant sourced products e.g. herbs & vitamins from plants, not the common synthetized vitamin alternatives found in most department stores and pharmacies.

Buying herbs & vitamins

When buying herbs & vitamins, make sure that they are approved by Health Canada. Herbs & vitamins shipping from other parts of the world may not be what they claim to be and may not be safe for consumption. Follow the dosage guidelines and instructions on the package and let your practitioner or doctor know immediately if you notice any side effects.

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