Help Me Lose Weight

If you live in Canada and find yourself thinking, "help me lose weight", you are not alone.  Excess weight and a desire to lose weight is a common theme!

Help Me Lose Weight

In the past hundred years or so, thoughts of "help me lose weight" have been occurring to more and more people.  At one time in the 19th Century it was fashionable (for the upper class) to carry excess weight, our modern understanding of the effects of excess weight on our health should motivate most individuals into action, but that is not the case.

The impacts of excessive weight

Being knowledgeable about the impacts of excessive weight has not been a solution that has prompted most people into action, and the reasons are complex.  Simply asking a question like "help me lose weight" is going to deliver a wide variety of differing opinions and programs. 

One has to consider why the weight exists e.g. is it an emotional shield, a result of poor self-esteem,  is it the result of constant excesses, a diet of vacant nutritional choices, a lack of exercise, a glandular imbalance or lazy digestive system, poor sleep habits, stress, past failures with diets and so on.

Lots of nutrient poor foods

Add to that the wide-spread availability of fast, relatively inexpensive nutrient poor foods containing excessive levels of fat, sodium and sugars, it's no wonder height is a problem today.

There are no magic answers though there is an effective science based solution and one thing is certain, if you call and ask us, help me lose weight, our response is going to be positive, we can do that. 

Weight loss and weight maintenance

We have the short-term weight loss and maintenance solution that has proven itself over the past 25 years to be effective at helping people safely lose weight quickly then keeping it off after the program ends. It is important to understand that you are the key to being successful during the program and after which is why we work with you to change old habits while you're losing the weight.  But it must begin with your decision to let it go. 

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