Alternative Healing Therapies

Alternative healing therapies became alternative with the onset of modern western medicine, traditional healing remains both relevant and effective.

Alternative Healing Therapies

Alternative healing therapies have in fact, been with the human race, likely predating modern man.  From simple observations of the effects of plants or touch to todays alternative healing therapies, many have come to deliver tangible benefits.

The Greeks observed the link between diet and health as did many other cultures.  Today considered part of alternative healing therapies, reflexology was practiced in ancient Egypt during the time of the pharos. 

Early references to massage therapy appear in biblical documents (493 BC) explaining daily massage as an element of a natural beauty regime carried out by the wives of Xerxes.  The Greeks also made reference to body massage as a healing therapy and references in India suggest massage to date back thousands of years BC.

About 2500 years ago India has brought us Ayurveda system of holistic medicine, it to considered part of alternative healing therapies today.

By todays standards of western medical technology, alternative healing therapies seem antiquated yet they remain not only viable alongside modern medicine, they can often provide a more natural and complete solution.

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