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Metabolic Age Reduction Clinics | In.Form Workshops

When you lower your base metabolic age rate, you experience better health and when you attend our workshop, let your journey to a healthier, happier life begin!

You will learn how to measurably lower your base metabolic age, feel great and have a lot of fun!

Walk In Metabolic Age Bio Analysis

As a free to you service, with no obligation, we offer anyone the opportunity to discover their metabolic age and get a personal report on their key health factors, all in about 5 minutes.  Drop in, no appointment necessary! Your Bio Analysis includes:

  • Body Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Total Body Water %
  • Muscle Mass
  • Daily Caloric Intake (DCI)
  • Bone Mass
  • Visceral Fat Level (abdominal fat)
  • Metabolic Age

Metabolic Age Result Examples

We've had people in their 50's with metabolic age measurements of those in their 30's and inversely, we've had people in their early 20's with the metabolic age of someone in their 40's.  In the first example, we provided nutritional guidance to solidify their already good lifestyle and eating habits.  In the second example, completing the In.Form Metabolic Age Reduction Clinic dramatically reduced their metabolic (age) rate to align with their physical age. 

Interpreting Your Results

If someone has a metabolic age that is lower than his or her actual age, it suggests that the body is in good health and balance while a result that is higher than the physical age indicates that someone may be experiencing imbalanced health issues.


We will provide you with one complete set of measures.  If you are interested in one of our programs, we would love to tell you more, but this is not a sales pitch. The option is yours to learn more by attending a 40 minute workshop to get details, or simply leave with information in hand!

What's My Metabolic Age

What If My Metabolic Age is older than me?

We are always faced with choice,

One choice is to do nothing though the probable result is continued internal aging and eventually, deteriorating quality of health that will reduce your ability to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Another choice is try to go it alone, just be aware there is a lot of mis-information and it's much harder to achieve success alone.

On the other hand, enrolling in one of our group based In.Form Metabolic Age Clinics will give you a clear, structured, informative and fun way to learn a lot about yourself as well as lifestyle and nutrition impacts on your body, As you progress through the workshops, you will notice improvements on your metabolic age as you measure weekly, and feel noticeably better.

Metabolic Age Clinic Features

  • Accountability, countless studies confirm that your results improve when you have to report your progress weekly
  • Community, within a fun group setting where you can safely interact with like-minded people and shared experiences
  • Health Education, acquire the knowledge and learn the skills you need to achieve lifelong health and wellness at our weekly interactive workshops
  • Cutting Edge Tools, give you the weekly measures that will confirm your improving metabolic age
  • Emotional Balance, through awareness as we teach you how to balance real-life drama with your health and wellness goals
  • Personalized and Flexible, programs that are tailored to help you achieve your goals
  • Repeat a program at no additional cost, anytime provided space is available

Discover our In.Form Metabolic Age clinics and you'll be accessing transformational habits of health that will help you create lifelong habits that are essential to every member of your family.

Attend a complementary In.Form workshop and get your metabolic age report. You'll also get a $100 credit toward your own personalized program too!

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