Treats Naturally Sweetened With Xylitol

Xylitol is Nature's Sweet Life - Indulge Yourself a Little


Xylitol is a natural sugar and sweetener replacement that safely delivers 40% fewer calories than sucrose and it's healthy.

Why Choose Nature's Sweet Life Products?

  • 40% fewer calories than sucrose & found naturally in many common fruits & veggies 
  • Produced by our own body so its a safe alternative to risky sugar-free products
  • Xylitol is alkaline-enhancing vs. sugar's acid-forming so bacteria cannot use it for energy
  • Diabetic friendly chocolate & doesn't contribute to high blood sugar levels
  • scientific research confirms that Xylitol can improve dental health & it tastes good!

Ever stop to consider how much sugar you consume? 

Many people in Canada and the USA will end up consuming over 180 pounds of it this year and our bodies pay the price for this level of consumption.  Health experts agree that sugar is at least partially responsible for a myriad of diseases such as obesity, tooth decay, ADHD, hyperactivity and diabetes. 

To avoid sugar, many have turned to the "sugar-free" artificial sweeteners, but it is becoming clear that these man-made chemicals are causing more health problems than they prevent, including weight gain.

When adopting a healthier lifestyle, it usually means dramatically reducing or eliminating both sugar and chocolate, but we want to introduce you to a natural sweetener that's been around a long time, but it's only recently has it received needed attention.

Xylitol, is natures natural sweetener, but is it really natural? 

The name Xylitol (Zi-LA-Tol) may conjure up images of a mad scientist mixing some exotic new chemical compound in a laboratory or perhaps the image of some distant planet in some science fiction story.  In reality, neither is true. 

A natural compound, Xylitol looks and tastes just like sugar. It is found naturally in many common fruits and vegetables, and it is even produced in our bodies during normal metabolism.

Sweet With Excellent Bacteria Fighting Properties

Xylitol is as sweet as sugar but carries none of the health concerns of sugar and artificial sweeteners which makes it completely safe for both children and adults. 

  • While regular sugar can wreak havoc on the body, Xylitol heals and repairs
  • While sugar is acid-forming in the body, Xylitol is alkaline-enhancing resulting in better health

Unlike most sugar molecules which are based on a six-carbon structure, Xylitol is based on five carbon atoms. 

Because of its distinctive structure, bacteria cannot utilize Xylitol for energy.    Xylitol's chemical configuration also inhibits the body’s ability to fully metabolize it, making it the perfect sweetener for those concerned with blood sugar balance, weight loss or carb counting.

Good news for diabetics

Xylitol as a product was first derived from Birch trees in Finland in the 19th century and was popularized in Europe as a safe sweetener for diabetics that would not impact insulin levels.

Possessing approximately 40% less food energy(calories), Xylitol is a low-calorie alternative to refined and artificial sugars. Absorbed more slowly than sugar, it doesn't contribute to high blood sugar levels or the resulting hyperglycemia caused by insufficient insulin response.


Xylitol also appears to have potential as a treatment for osteoporosis. A group of Finnish researchers have found that dietary Xylitol prevents weakening of bones in laboratory rats, and actually improves bone density.

Ear and upper respiratory infections

Studies have also shown that Xylitol chewing gum can help prevent ear infections as the act of chewing and swallowing assists with the disposal of earwax and clearing the middle ear, whilst the presence of Xylitol prevents the growth of bacteria in the tubes which connect the nose and ear.

Candida yeast

A recent report suggests that consumption of Xylitol may help control oral infections of Candida yeast; in contrast, galactose, glucose and sucrose may increase proliferation.

Improves Your Dental Health Too

Decades of scientific research and over 1,500 published papers have confirmed that Xylitol can improve dental health.  Studies have repeatedly shown that incorporating Xylitol-rich products in sufficient quantities (8-10 grams of Xylitol) into your daily routine has substantial oral health benefits.

When used regularly, Nature’s Sweet Life products provide a rich source of Xylitol that has been shown in clinical studies to be non-cariogenic (does not cause or promote avities).

Regular use of Xylitol has been shown to help reduce dental plaque – the first stage of cavity development, tartar formation and tooth staining – and promote better oral health.

We're very pleased to announce a new line of products called Nature's Sweet Life which harness the health benefits of Xylitol.  Chocolate bars, gums and mints, we hope you enjoy them!