Solstic - A Healthy Natural Energy Drink Mix

Solstic, is the naturally healthy energy drink mix in Canada. Solstic is naturally affordable, longer-lasting & safer without side effects so power up!

Solstic Natural Energy Drink Mix

Life moves fast, so don’t get left behind.  When you want to power up with an affordable, safe and effective natural energy drink, Solstic is the best healthy energy drink mix period!

You'll love the great tasting slightly tangy tangerine/citrus favour that delivers the naturally power-packed ingredients in every natural Solstic Energy Drink mix packet.

  • This delicious natural energy drink mix  boosts vitality, hydrates and increases the body’s energy while delivering health benefits and use anywhere convenient
  • Solstic is the best natural energy drink mix you can buy at any price with its nutrient-rich formula that naturally boosts your energy level without the jitters and crashes of other energy drinks 
  • A sweet/tangy Kool-Aid taste for health conscious people who want a boost
  • Solstic energy drink mix ingredients support the body’s natural energy-producing mechanisms
  • Solstic helps you get the stamina you need without getting sapped in the end
  • Solstic natural energy drink mix is conveniently packaged in individual servings, 30 per package, so it's great for those on the go
  • How to make your energy drink mix: 1 packet to water, shake and enjoy 

Solstic is the natural energy drink mix that's convenient, easy, fast, affordable and powers you up so you can keep up with whatever life throws your way.

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Solstic Natural Energy Drink Benefits

  • Convenient, take-anywhere, easy-to-use stick packs gives you energy wherever you are - just add water whenever you need it.
  • Low cost energy drink mix alternative to popular heavily sugared & caffeinated energy drinks on the market.
  • Low-calorie energy booster with no sugar to pack on the pounds. (Only 12 calories per serving.)
  • Provides health benefits while supporting energy
  • Great for children and the parents who need to keep up with them.
  • Ideal sports beverage because it hydrates.  This is important to anyone in any level of exercise program as well as those physically active in high heat areas because popular energy drinks dehydrate the body.
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis plus it promotes healthy cholesterol levels by dilating blood vessels which promotes healthy circulation.
  • Delicious natural tangerine/citrus flavour which is slightly sweet and tangy 
  • Ecologically friendly carry anywhere packaging (no can waste)
  • Solstic Natural Energy Drink Fact Sheet (pdf) ...

How To Make Your Drink Fast

This is how to make your own energy drink mix at 1/3 the cost of popular not so healthy products.

  • Take 1 packet of Solstic natural energy drink mix and add it to 500 ml of water, shake and enjoy.
  • As an alternative on the go, add 1 packet of Solstic natural energy drink mix to a standard bottle of spring water or personal water container, shake and enjoy.

Solstic, Canada's Best Naturally Healthy Energy Drink Mix

Solstic Natural Energy Drinks

PN 6500-9 (30 packets per box, 3.77 g each)

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Convenient, low-cost, single-servings packets of healthy energy drink mix, just add water, shake and enjoy! Contains energy-boosting ingredients, vitamins and powerful antioxidants.