What Happens When You Lose Something Like Keys, Or Weight

You're about to discover a unique yet easy learned method that helps you successfully change your way of thinking about weight loss and enables you to simply shed those unwanted pounds forever.

  • You may find it somewhat frustrating, but if you're like most people, you misplace things like your car keys, eye glasses or gloves as you go about your busy day.  We all tend to do that to a degree, but in the end, do you really lose that item forever?
  • Of course not, except on rare occasions, you'll usually find the lost item then continue on your way.  So think about this for a moment ...do you ever seriously think you'll never see it again?  ...
  • In fact, 99% of the time you do expect to find those lost items and I suggest to you that this is our mindset behind the concept of weight loss - a concept many well marketed weight loss programs have discovered and expanded upon immensely. 

The very idea of losing something automatically and immediately sets your mind to the task of finding it again!  In the case of weight loss, it is a sub-conscious task; consider the many "weight loss" programs available to you.  Why is it that so many people struggle with a weight challenge, trying program after program and all the diets, only to see the weight return soon after the program ends?

"When you understand what specific factors contribute to weight gain, clearly and simply see why those factors have such a profound and unwanted effect inside your body and then discover the simple truths, you'll never worry about your weight again"

When given the chance, your body will naturally and automatically strive for a state of balance; physical, mental and social and it's your state of balance or imbalance that ultimately determines your weight and your everyday state of energy, vitality and well-being.   

How balanced is your body?

Everything produced by your body, including weight and symptoms of any kind has to do with the quality of your body's internal state of balance. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being.”

The body is comprised of 9 primary systems which are like links in a chain, they’re interdependent and the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

When you're considering weight, three systems often stand out with distinction, the glandular system and the digestive-intestinal systems. They have an extraordinary impact on your overall state of balance and this is the area where your battle to regain control over your body weight and health must begin.  These systems are your ground zero, but remember other systems may need attention too if you're to enjoy optimum health.

1) When you understand what your existing imbalances are in your body, you will have taken a huge step toward successfully achieving health and your ideal body weight.  Until you're  balanced, you'll have little success shedding weight and other health related symptoms will persist.

2) 8 in 10 people experience some degree of glandular imbalance and the more severe the symptoms, the more attention is required to return the body to health. Why is this an issue?  Your metabolism, your blood sugar levels and other vitally essential functions all affect your ability to carry on normally and they are controlled by your glandular system. 

When you identify why your glands are sending the wrong messages and correct them, your body will respond with increased vigor thereby eliminating those sluggish feelings and general lack of energy.

3) You should never have to diet!  You may say “I lost weight before, just by dieting.  Why would I need to be concerned?”  It's a really great question, and the answer is another secret to achieving your ideal weight!

In the normal course of daily life you're trying to eat well but sometimes reduce the volume of foods ingested, eat empty calories such as manufactured foods built with highly refined white sugar and/or white flour or perhaps your skip meals too often and the fact is, in all cases you're building a nutrient debt.  

Over time, your body goes deeper into this nutrient debt and as a result, begins automatically reacting to a perceived state of famine.  In this survival mode, your body now retains all the fat it can.  When you go on a nutrient deprived diet, which starves the body even further, you may lose a few pounds initially, but it will return, and sometimes more!  

Starving the body simply does NOT work!  

Achieving your ideal weight therefore also depends on the types of food you consume vs. the calories. 

When you regularly focus on nutrient rich fresh raw fruits and vegetables vs. canned or frozen, whole grains like kamut, spelt vs. whole wheat, more good fats, and a lot less refined and processed foods, your body consumes and processes this food very efficiently leaving no need to build fat reserves against the threat of famine! 

Your good health and ideal weight are also dependent on a few other factors you'd be clever to incorporate into your life:

  • Stress management techniques, relaxation, breathing
  • Exercise even at a moderate level just 30 minutes a day
  • Colon cleansing/detoxifying alone can help you lose weight and has the added benefit of invigorating your body systems so they function more efficiently,

Weight control is not a punishment, it is a choice of healthy living.  Have a favorite treat from time to time without guilt but like everything, do it in moderation

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