What can you really do for your health in just 30 days

Give yourself just 30 days and your could experience healthy weight loss, more energy, less fatigue and/or better exercise program results for starters

What can you really do in just 30 days

By now a majority of people that made one of the top 3 new year resolutions like losing weight, stop smoking or exercising more are either faltering, have given up or never even started.

Truth is, it is very hard to break old habits!

Even people with the best of intentions find they cannot make meaningful progress and it’s usually because their plan was too ambitious! 

Few people can make really big changes successfully, but anyone can be successful with a plan based on small incremental steps.

You know what your health goals are, but how do you break the old habits and really make now the year you do what you set out to do?  

  1. Start your plan with self-assessment and personal awareness 

When obstacles happen, usually our logical thinking goes out the window and old habits automatically take over … and this happens to just about everyone … unless they have prepared in advance!

Take a sheet of paper and divide it in half, on the left list all the obstacles, reasons or excuses you think you may encounter on your way to achieving your goal.  On the right, consider each obstacle and then write how you will address it, if and when it appears … and it usually does, so be specific.

  1. Know where to begin by identifying where you are today

Complete a Compass Bio Survey or Lifestyle Analysis (by phone/email) to define your personal baseline.  Knowing your inner body systems (there are 9) relative strengths and weaknesses now will help you to measure and compare progress in the days, weeks and months ahead.

  1. Take the first small step

Begin by cleansing your body of waste & toxins

To help you move toward your goal of being a healthier you, slimmer you, non-smoking you, exercising you or similar, start with a gentle herbal cleanse.

What does a house or car have to do with cleansing?

Gently removing unwanted toxins from the body is much like cleaning your home or changing the oil in your car.  Perhaps the only difference is the latter 2 you do at least annually!

  • In the house, you breathe better when there is less dust/dirt and tidying up (de-cluttering) allows you to really enjoy your surroundings. 
  • In a car, changing the oil ensures better gas mileage, engine longevity and avoids costly repairs.

In your body, getting rid of unwanted toxins paves the way to a healthier you:

  • Decreased cravings
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Accelerated weight loss & maintenance
  • Optimized exercise program results
  • Improved illness resistance

Fact is, everything works better in a cleaner body and cleansing is essential for weight loss and/or getting good results from an exercise program.

Be cautious about your cleansing program selection

Be certain your cleansing program is doing the job of getting rid of unwanted toxins at the same time as it is being gentle on your body organs.  Too many people use drastic cleanses that are too harsh, too quick, too strong and sadly do nothing to support the body returning to its own natural detoxifying capabilities.

Why should a detoxifying/cleanse be gentle? 

It takes a lot of effort and energy from the body to rid itself of toxins much the same way it takes real effort to clean your house.  Most people do not have an adequate supply of nutrients in their body and a “strong cleanse” weakens them further.

The goal with a natural cleansing program is to nutritionally fortify the body organs while achieving 2 to 3 bowel movements per day plus 1 extra during the cleansing program to get rid of accumulated waste.

Cleansing should never be

  • Inconvenient
  • Cause cramps
  • Create discomforts
  • Begin by, “feeling worse first”

Done properly, you should feel energized during your cleanse.

Trusted Herbal Cleansing Products

If you do not want to develop an individualized health & wellness program right away, but still want to enjoy the many benefits of our herbal cleansing products that are nourishing, effective and gentle, these get the job done and can be safely repeated until desired results are achieved.

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Actually, you can do a lot in just 30 days

These 3 simple actions are not time consuming, will not interfere with your daily routines and can lead to you really achieving what you want to do this year.  Have fun when implementing your goal(s) – it’s not a race so take things slowly and you’ll get the rewards you deserve – a healthier, slimmer, energized you!

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