Someone Important Is Watching You Mom

Someone important is watching you Mom, your baby is watching every move you make Mom, its how they learn values, skills, grow and thrive

Mom’s anticipation of that little bundle of joy coming home quickly transitions to baby becoming the central focus of her life. It truly is a miracle to see those little human beings, so innocent, vulnerable and yet even in the early weeks and months, to witness their unique personalities develop.

Children are a lot of work yet at the same time, that invested effort delivers a lot of joy and rewards like when they put their little hand around your neck, gaze in your eyes, learn how to say dada, mama, I love you and take that first step.  Those are cherished moments never forgotten.

Baby arrives entirely dependent on Mom for their every day needs and wellbeing and that responsibility can be very demanding.  Even as the child grows and becomes more independent, Mom continues to invest most of her time and attention on her child’s care and support often allowing little if any time for herself. 

The challenges and responsibilities of children and the ever constant concern for their welfare places significant limitations on Moms ability to carve out a little me time yet it is vital she not lose touch with the needs of caring for her own body, mind and spirit. 

Moms Need Balance In Her Life Too

Being there to successfully guide and share in a child’s growth years is a rewarding experience yet it is also important to remember that at sometime in the not so distant future, the baby of today will be off on their own journey.   Moms who take a balanced approach that includes personal development and care time deliver a more positive long ranging influence on her children’s development, sense of self worth, pride, confidence and successful transition to adulthood. 

Most women put themselves last on the priority list when they become new mothers because instinctively the child becomes the centre of life however in reality, that is not doing fair service to herself or her child.  Mom has to continue to find ways to take care of herself in order to be a better mother and retain her own sense of identity which is essential to being a whole, complete and fulfilled woman.
Pinch yourself every time you think “I will do it later …”

All too often, later either does not come, or arrives very late and at a price!  Even with hectic everyday schedules, often at little or no cost, Mom can find little nuggets of me time, even 15 minutes here and there is worth the effort so here are a few basic ideas on how to balance the needs of the kids with the needs of self.

Children learn by observing so show them you care about yourself.

Exercising at home is a great activity because you can share the experience with baby and get the personal benefits.  Put on some children’s music and position baby nearby then hop on the treadmill or sequence through your exercise favourites.  Baby may not give you 30 minutes, but you’ll get 15-20 and be spending time with the little one. Try two sessions per day, one early/mid morning and one mid afternoon, its great to keep energy levels up.

Teach them that eating healthy is not difficult. 

You want your child to be healthy so start with yourself.  

  • For example, you can put baby nearby and have a talk as you take 20 minutes to prepare a large bowl of veggies every few days. 
  • As baby gets a bit older, share a whole peeled carrot or large slice of celery (avoids choking) to chew on, it’s great for teething and baby will look forward to the treat. 
  • The time invested together delivers some special times and a bowl full of healthy veggies the entire family can enjoy as raw snacks anytime and steamed at mealtime. 
  • As the child grows, let them be part of the veggie selections for soups, lunches and dinners and eventually assisting in preparation thereby developing important life skills of their own.

Skip the TV shows / videos and encourage their imagination. 

You love to read, so the best way to find time for yourself is to share your love of reading with your child. 

Even as babies, read to them every day, share the story and pictures and encourage them to look over the book on their own time after each story, even if they cannot yet read. 

This develops your child’s interest in books, turbo-charges their imagination and as they investigate their books, you can steal away for a few minutes with yours.

Share your love of music. 

Kids love music and a regular routine so quietly share your music mixed in with theirs. 

If you like classical, you’ll find children more easily settle for mid-day naps so you’ll get to enjoy some favourite music and when they are napping, you’ll have a bit of time for yourself.

Yes of course be there for baby, but stay engaged with your adult life too. Find the time to challenge your personal growth, put aside some quite time for reflection, make big goals and go after them, develop hobbies and make the effort to continue to look great because your child will definitely notice, and others will too! 

Moms are a baby’s first role model

Moms deeply influence the development and direction of their child’s growth to becoming a significant and meaningful member of society.  Teaching them to look after themselves begins at home, so look after yourself Mom … someone important is watching.

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