Playing The Game Of Life To Win

Are you playing the game of your life to win and if you are not but want to, this is how our Bodiwell Health System Methodology  gives you the winner’s edge naturally

  • Who do you know that would begin to play a game with the intention of losing?
  • Where is it written that what you have is all you may ever have in this life?
  • Why is it that with 2 similar people, 1 gets ill while the other remains well?
Playing The Game Of Your Life To Win

While science continues to look for the keys to life, health and longevity ... nature has been quietly delivering them to us for a very long time. 

Amazing advances in technologies has enabled scientists to take plants apart at the atomic level to replicate tiny parts of it as synthetic "products" that in many situations deliver limited benefit and unwanted side effects. 

The incredible life saving medicines that do good are dwarfed by the vast majority of prescription and over the counter medications which are aimed at suppressing, not solving symptoms.

Nature on the other hand has been quietly supplying the entire solution in abundance and our bodies crave and thrive on nature's natural solutions.

There is no argument that modern health science and technology has delivered some amazing solutions in critical health care field.  But the reality is, a vast majority of us may never need that level of life saving technology if we were to adopt a body friendly approach to our everyday health and well-being.

Nature has been supplying the solution

  • Of course nature's marketing programs don't appear on TV so we have to make an effort to experience its immense benefits. 
  • Today we know much about ourselves and the world surrounding us yet too many of us also accept the endless western political advertising and marketing messages as absolute truth. 
  • Our ability to attain optimum health begins with accepting personal responsibility for ourselves, what we choose to believe in and the lifestyle choices we make.

Who and What Are You Trusting For Your Version Of The Truth?

  • Until recently, tobacco had many convinced that smoking was sexy, a successful lifestyle image
  • Until recently, the scientific community and governments classified global warming as ridiculous
  • Until recently, human food and medicine actually came from plants
  • Until recently, most believed "fast food restaurants" actually sold food
  • Until recently, most believed that highly processed food in a box was food
  • Until recently, everyone could pronounce the contents of the food they ate
  • Until recently, flying was reserved for the birds yet today, we take it for granted
  • Until recently, the "man in the moon" was a fable yet today it's been done
  • Until recently, human conversation was the center of a family's entertainment

The point is, the "world is flat/that's impossible" list is endless and what it highlights is that in the absence of modern western double blind scientific proof, the popular position and belief is disbelief. 

Natural healing techniques has thousands of years of astute human observation while most modern pharmaceutical drugs have limited trials, frequent recalls, accounted for numerous deaths and a version of truth based far more on sales than results.

Who is behind the information you hear

  • Currently, the food manufacturing industry has most people convinced that their highly processed products are actually food, their profits are at risk if we were all to begin eating real human food
  • Currently the Dairy Marketing Boards has most people (in the west) convinced that, despite every other known example in nature, humans are the only mammals that require milk after weaning
  • Currently, the pharmaceutical industry has most people convinced that their chemically synthesized products are enhancing the quality of everyday life and while there is certainly a limited needs for our wondrous life saving medical community resources -  sizable profits are at risk if we were all to begin eating real human food
  • Currently, TV has lulled most people into a passive state of "watching" and displaced our fundamental needs of exercise, games and 1st person learning experiences with artificial experiences supplemented with regular promotional marketing messages - their profits are at risk if we simply took a walk more often

There are no profits for the food, dairy & pharmaceutical industry selling prescriptions or highly processed foods to healthy people

After all, why would you need or want a prescription or OTC medication when you're healthy?  Why would you eat products that clogged your digestive system and made you tired?

But with the broadening interest of people and the growing awareness of wellness, we'll undoubtedly see a shift in big business marketing messages to defend the health benefits and minimize the risks of their synthetic products. 

In fact, it's happening today, just watch TV and you'll see drug companies saying you'll feel great except for this long list of risks, all in a 60 second commercial, or less. Good marketing, lots of people watch TV and the only way to get those drugs is with a doctor's prescription! 

But I Feel Great The Man Said To His Doctor

How is it that today, a man aged 67 can visit his doctor for the annual check-up, be told pressure is normal, cholesterol is normal, in fact everything is normal yet walk out of that doctor's office with 3 prescriptions?

Incredible as that seems, the fact is it happened and that man has been eating reasonably well complimented daily with excellent all natural nutritional supplements. 

So what happened to the man and his doctors health drug prescriptions? 

  • Since he needed to retain his doctors favour, he filled the prescriptions at great expense to the health system - then immediately disposed of them.
  • He continues to believe in the power of whole foods and food based nutritional supplements and of course the importance of an annual medical check-up.

"Natural healing is not about avoiding doctors, it is about not needing to go to doctors. A dentist is not upset if you are cavity-free so a doctor should not be upset if you are healthy." ~ Dr. Andrew Saul

What is the prime need of the human body?

The human body evolved to its current state over many tens of thousands of years and until recently, it did so naturally. Our modern society, and technology, has progressed at blinding speed, but the biological nature of the human body remains rooted in traits and needs, developed long ago.

Our body developed to carry the immensity of the human brain around of course! 

Here we are with our highly advanced technologies and much touted factories that churn out chemically complex highly marketed foods and drugs yet Edison and many-many like him, including the father of modern medicine (Hippocrates), perhaps even some of you, certainly the author of this article Diane McLaren were and are of the opinion that;

  • The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”  - Hippocrates
  • "Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. - Thomas Edison
  • Within each of us, nature has provided all the pieces necessary to achieve optimum health and wellness, and then left it up to us to put them all together”  - Diane McLaren

Start playing the game of your life to win!

The human species with its trillions of individual moving parts and wondrous brains has in just 3 or 4 generations, created more technology, convenience and luxury than the sum of its past existence?

We are better educated, better informed and enjoy extraordinary luxury yet despite our many modern miracles, during the same period of time these technologies have been maturing to their current state, our health has been declining and is under siege from every direction

  • Modern epidemics of Type 2 Diabetes, excessive weight, allergies, chronic fatigue, attention deficit disorders and joint pain used to be diseases of the aging but today are striking at much younger ages,  20's, 30's and 40's  and even our youngest are affected. 
  • The growing number of sick people is in stark contrast with the "do this and you'll enjoy a better life" marketing messages from our food and drug industries.  How can that be?
  • Endless this/that studies rapidly reported in the news are largely funded by the manufacturer's as it's just another part of a relentless media advertising program. 
  • Largely gone are the traditional farmers though a few isolated pockets of organic hope remain. The mechanized and chemically proficient farmer is big business too and with a constant supply of chemicals, nothing could grow in the nutrient vacant soils.

The fundamentals of human nutritional needs are better understood today and those basic needs have not changed significantly for thousands of years despite modern technology, science and advertising that's infiltrated the minds, hearts and food supply of westerners.

Life Can Not Be Enjoyed When Feeling Sick!

At a National Convention in Quebec City in the Fall of 2007, Diane McLaren publically unveiled her exclusive natural health, healing, and wellness methodology called the "Bodiwell Health System, a user manual nature forgot to include"

This now available eBook is based on 25 years of experience in western and natural health.  In it she defines the fundamentals of her unique and insightful system that assembles all the pieces of the human health puzzle, a puzzle she decoded over her many years of professional study, observation and personal experience.  Get the Bodiwell EBook and be inspired and motivated to take action ... 

The Bodiwell Health System is the foundation of Diane's successful consulting practice in natural health, healing and wellness because it is written by someone who has been there and now walks the talk.

Everyone should be playing the game of their life to win and Diane McLaren's Bodiwell Health System lays it all out in 8 easy to adopt steps with a plan that's easy to follow.

If you want to really address your health problems naturally; get in touch with someone who will not only want to help and support you, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to get results! 

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