What are Canadians saying about natural health products (NHP)

According to an Health Canada Survey, personal health and wellness concerns and the desire to maintain and promote personal health are primary drivers for use of Natural Health Products (NHPs).

Many Canadians feel that NHPs are natural and safe, or better than conventional medications.

In a recent Health Canada survey (March 2005) on natural health products , a clear majority of Canadians:

  • have used natural health products (71%)
  • Use NHP's to maintain or promote health (77%)
  • see growth in the use of natural health products in Canada (81%)
  • recognize the benefits of NHPs in relation to personal health management (86%)
  • Use NHP's to treat an illness (68%)

Many Canadians believe that natural health products can be used as part of personal health management both as part of preventative health care and as treatment for an illness.

More specifically, the majority agree that natural health products can be used to

  • maintain or promote health (77%)
  • or to treat an illness (68%)

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